Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya says the construction of health posts in Chilubi are part of PF’s development agenda, and not because of campaigns.

UPND and NDC have complained that PF is engaging in electoral malpractice by delivering ambulances, food stuffs and other items ahead of the February 13 poll.

“They (PF) have felt the pressure on the ground,they have done literally nothing here! They claim they made roads everywhere, they are violating the electoral process act. They have brought the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to distribute mealie meal. They have brought ambulances, there was a stampede at a Catholic Church at Saint Maria where Chitalu Chilufya went to bribe voters in a church giving them taxpayers’ money, stolen money,” lamented UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka.

But in an interview, Dr Chilufya said the opposition was looking for any excuse to quit the polls because it was clear that PF would win by a landslide.

“We are running an issue based campaign focusing on highlighting the development agenda that the government through President Edgar Lungu has embarked on. The delivery is on the wall for all to see. And we must not pretend we can’t the see new developments in Chilubi and therefore we should be frank and be honest with ourselves and admit that the people of Chilubi are very happy.The health policy has culminated into two hospitals; one on the mainland and another one on the island. We have Santa Maria, people can receive health services, the schools have been upgraded, people can travel to Chilubi and Samfya through the constructed roads and so what does the opposition have to offer? It is not about just talking and they should not start complaining before the results are out. They know that we will win by a landslide so they want to start fault finding,” Dr Chilufya said.

And when asked if it was true that he caused confusion at a church by distributing money, Dr Chilufya denied the allegations saying he only went to worship.

“I am not aware of what you are talking about. On Sunday, we went to church and we are Christians, we worship. So those who are up there looking for crime, we wish them well. But on Sunday, we went to church to worship and if they saw anything different, well then I don’t know. I know nothing about what they are talking about,” said Dr Chilufya.