A Mazabuka Mob on Wednesday dragged a gassing suspect out of hospital and set him ablaze around 07:32 hours.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo confirmed this in a statement, saying the suspect had earlier been rescued by police and rushed to the hospital after sustaining a broken leg.

“On 19th February, 2020 at 02:35 hours received a report of mob justice in which members of the public in River View compound apprehended a suspect of Zambia Compound in Mazabuka after he was found loitering in River View compound and suspected him to be one of the people gassing other people’s homes. He was badly beaten by irate members of public after he was found with a bag in which was found a horse pipe approximately more than a meter long, a pad lock, a bunch of keys and some herbs. He sustained a broken right leg and general body injuries. A quick follow up by the police was made and tyres, logs and other materials with a view to set him ablaze were found. He was rushed to Mazabuka General Hospital where he was admitted,” stated Katongo.

“The following day, around 07:32 hours, a mob mobilised themselves and descended on the suspect who they pulled out and further beat him up and later set him ablaze. The person died on the spot and the body has been deposited in Mazabuka General Hospital mortuary. Police will use every means available to address lawlessness by members of the public.”