SERENJE MMD member of parliament Maxwell Kabanda says he is still consulting his people on the Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 before deciding whether to support or reject the Bill.

Ahead of the Bill’s presentation for Second Reading, Kabanda said he was still consulting his constituents to gauge their views on the controversial Bill.

“We are consulting the people. We didn’t come here on our own. Did we just come to Lusaka on our own? There are people who had a hand in bringing us here. My constituency is very wide. I had a meeting in Ndabala, I have to go to Mapepala and I have to go to Mabala. So, it a big process,” said Kabanda in an interview.

And in a separate interview, Mkaika MMD member of parliament Peter Phiri said there were some mixed feelings from his people on the bill.

“There are some mixed feelings. Others are saying it is good and others are saying it bad,” said Phiri.

But Sinda Independent member of parliament Masauso Tembo said his people were in support of the Bill.

“I am going to support the Bill. There is nothing wrong with it. All lacunas are okay. The people of Sinda are saying I should go for it,” said Tembo in a separate interview.