JUSTICE Minister Given Lubinda says the Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 will soon be tabled in Parliament for the Second Reading during the current sitting.

The National Assembly deferred the Second Reading of Bill 10 to the next legislative meeting of the Fourth session of the 12th National Assembly scheduled, which resumed sitting last month.

This was after Acting Minister of Justice Stephen Kampyongo told the House that the Executive wished to set aside Bill 10 in order to give maximum attention to the budget debates.

In a brief interview in Lusaka, Lubinda explained that Bill was yet to be tabled in the current sitting.

“I don’t think she (Deputy Speaker Catherine Namugala) said February, she said, deferred it to the February sittings, there is a difference. You will be informed when we are ready to present it, we will inform you. It will definitely be in the February sittings, which is the current sittings,” said Lubinda, when asked when the controversial Bill would be brought to the House.