COMMERCIAL sex workers in Ndola have complied with the Ministry of Health directive to wear face masks and maintain social distancing.

This came to light when Youth, Sports and Child Development Minister Emmanuel Mulenga, in the company of Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe conducted a removal exercise of street kids in Ndola, Thursday.

The operation was conducted yesterday morning between 01:00 hours to 05:00 hours.

But when some sex workers around Broadway and Savory Hotel noticed the ministers and state police, they scampered for safety.

However, Mulenga called back the sex workers so that he could engage them on COVID-19.

To his shock, the sex workers were fully equipped with face masks, hand sanitizer and they maintained social distancing as guided by the Ministry of Health.

The sex workers told Mulenga that they were aware of COVID-19 but they still needed to feed their families through their business.

And Mulenga told the women to take extra care and ensure that they adhered to the guidelines.

He also discouraged them from engaging in the vice as it was dangerous and a risk to society.

“This is not right, you need to be with your families instead of risking your lives like this, God loves you and you have to change your lives before its too late,” said Mulenga.