DEFENCE Minister Davies Chama says he is confident that despite the numerous challenges Zambia is going through, citizens will give PF a vote.

And Chama says he intends to bring healing and forgiveness in the ruling party as he takes up the role of PF deputy national chairperson.

In an interview, Chama said he was optimistic that Zambians would vote for PF in 2021.

“I strongly believe I am a very optimistic person; I am a very hopeful person and I think the Zambian people know where we have come from; they know where the nation has come from and where we have taken it to and I am very confident that the Zambian people will give us a vote notwithstanding the challenges we might go through at any point in time,” Chama said.

“Zambians have gone through a number of challenges; you can trace it back to UNIP, there were challenges. In MMD, there were a number of challenges, even during our time, there will also be challenges anywhere. And globally for that matter, especially during this COVID-19, it has even worsened the challenges we are encountering as a country, but we will surpass and overcome these challenges as a nation together as long we work together so that we can transform our nation and build a strong Zambia and a strong party.”

And Chama said only love and forgiveness would grow the PF.

“You know, I am a chola boy (assistant) to the national chairperson; I will sit down and consult my boss so that I can be able to take over from where he has been operating from and see how I can supplement the good works he has been doing. And also to make sure that we, collectively, see how we can grow the party and basically bring love, healing and forgiveness because it is only love and forgiveness that can grow the party so that we bring unity,” said Chama.

President Edgar Lungu appointed Chama as PF deputy national chairperson, together with Gender Minister Elizabeth Phiri, Tuesday, as member of the central committee and chairperson for industries, respectively.

Chama previously served PF as its secretary general.