PATRIOTIC Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube has finally been served with an expulsion letter from the party.

But KBF has urged his supporters across the country and within the party to remain calm, promising to make a comprehensive comment after mourning his sister.

Speaking after she delivered the letter, Phiri said Fube was free to apply to re-join PF.

“It is not that this is the first time my brother Kelvin Fube has been served with this letter. He was claiming that the people who took this letter to his office didn’t receive it because it was not stamped. We served him when the decision was made and I am here with my director and that is why I had to take it today, I went and as you can see, the letter is stamped. They have received it. If he wants to re-apply to re-join PF, he is welcome. He can be brought back in the party even within a month and continue with what he has been doing with the party,” said Phiri.

But in an audio statement sent to News Diggers, KBF, who confirmed that his office had finally received the expulsion letter, asked his supporters to remain calm.

“I want to confirm that today the 3rd of June 2020 my office at KBF and Partners along Bwinjifumu Road in Lusaka has been served with a letter purported to have expelled me from the party PF dated the 6th of June 2019. As many of you would know, I lost my sister Patricia Bwalya last week and we only put her to rest over the weekend, last weekend. So for those that are looking for my reaction, I am still in mourning. Politics aside, I am an African man, well cultured and well raised. My parents did not raise a fool. So the fact that this letter has been served at my office will not necessitate a reaction from me when I am still in mourning. I regret to advise that I will not dignify such actions when I am still in mourning. So as far as I am concerned, when the time is right I will respond,” said KBF.

“I urge all my supporters across the country and within the Patriotic Front to remain calm and collected, remain united and know that they still have me Kelvin Fube Bwalya, the game changer, alive. I am mourning now, I will not be mourning forever so my response will come when I am ready. Please namipapata mwikale shilili, mwikale abaikatana, mwikale mumutende ifya kulanda landa limo limo tafyawama iyo especially nga ulipachililo so eicho bamunyinane naitwikale until the time is right to respond (I beg that be still, remain united, remain in peace. Talking too much isn’t always pleasant especially when you are mourning. So I urge you to be patient.) I am not one of those politicians that get excited and start reacting to information simply because somebody wants me to respond, no.”