REPUBLICAN Progressive Party (RPP) leader James Lukuku has written to the Anti-Corruption Commission on Principal Resident magistrate David Simusamba’s failure to report his allegations that NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili tried to bribe him.

In a letter dated June 10, 2020, Lukuku stated that Simusamba failed to report the matter within the stipulated time.

“I write to bring to your attention a corruption incident that occurred, that magistrate Simusamba in his capacity as a public officer failed to report to the office of the Anti-Corruption Commission, contrary to the Anti-Corruption Act No 3 of 2012, section 39 clause 1, under ‘public officers’ duty to report. Magistrate David Simusamba reported a corruption claim to the Chief Justice of our Republic, to the effect that the National Democratic Congress leader Chishimba Kambwili tried to bribe him from as way back as 2018 when a case before him begun. However, magistrate David Simusamba did not bring forth his corruption report to the Anti-Corruption Commission in accordance with what is expected of a public officer in the Act No 3 of 2012,” wrote Lukuku.

“The law says ‘a public officer to whom any gratification is corruptly given, promised or offered shall make a full report of the circumstances of the case to an officer of the commission or a police officer within twenty-four hours of the occurrence of the event, and if the public officer fails to do so without reasonable cause, the public officer commits an offence and is liable for conviction.’ Magistrate David Simusamba did not follow the law but gave a report to the Chief Justice more than one year after the twenty –four constitutional provision elapsed. I pray that this matter be investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission to help the nation understand the truth, as to why magistrate David Simusamba did not follow the law if this corruption incidence indeed take place.”