LUSAKA Province PF Youth chairperson Daniel Kalembe says youths planning to protest against various governance issues will be met head on by ruling party youths.

Speaking at a press briefing, Sunday, Kalembe said the PF youths would also protest.

“We know that Zambia does not only belong to Facebook bloggers. Zambia belongs to every Zambian youth. So we are saying that since now they have decided to take their protest from Facebook to come on the ground, they will come and meet us. Since we know that a lot of youths they do not even blog, so we are going to express ourselves because it is our freedom of expression. Since they are saying ‘it is our right’, even us it is our right,” said Kalembe.

“So, 22nd of this month, we are going to participate and we are directing, urging all our leaders starting from the lower organ up to provincial level to mobilize and prepare themselves to come and support the policies of Patriotic Front and developmental trajectory under His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. And we are saying that ‘no and abash!’ because it is only when they are criticizing the leadership of this country and our Head of State, it is when they always mobilize themselves and come up with their freedom of expression to protest but we are saying now ‘enough is enough!’ We will be meeting them head on.”

Some youths had planned a protest for June 22 but police denied them a permit, citing security concerns. They have since appealed to the minister.