CHIEF Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya i hallucinating by stating that the UPND is the most violent party in the country, says UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka.

In an interview, Katuka explained that the Monze incident where local residents booed President Edgar Lungu to express their displeasure could not be compared to the several violent acts the PF had perpetuated against the UPND and other opposition parties.

“There was no violence in this country until the PF came on the scene. Before the PF came on the scene, a panga was a garden tool. But now, it is a dangerous weapon because of the PF. Even when Dora talks like that, it is hallucination! Is this the first time that a Head of State has been booed? Booing has no risk to his life, nobody risked his life by booing at him. His life was not in danger in any way. President Kaunda, who brought us this independence, was pelted at Independence stadium. President Rupiah Banda was blocked by Sata in Solwezi, his motorcade was blocked and because he had a civilised team of people, all he did was he stopped and even shook hands with Sata. If you remember in Ndola, the PF cadres blocked George Kunda, the (late) vice-president’s motorcade; he had to take another route to avoid trouble,” Katuka recalled.

“So, I don’t see why they are making an issue out of no issue. President Hakainde was whisked out of Sky FM through the rooftop to run from PF cadres who were downstairs with guns! Can you compare that with what happened in Monze? President Hakainde at Moba Hotel in Kitwe was attacked by PF cadres with guns, did anyone apologise or condemn it from the PF? Nothing. We have heard, recently, when Hakainde is in his house speaking to a radio station in Chinsali, people go and attack the voice on radio, has anybody apologised? So, what nonsense is that, others should apologise for just booing at a person who is just passing on the road? And they were just flashing their party symbols, that is what I saw. We have seen how President Lungu has jumped on a plane and when he is leaving, he flashes his party symbol to everyone. Meanwhile, he is saying he is ‘inspecting government projects.’ So, why does he flash a symbol when he is doing government duties?”

He said the PF government was the most childish government the country had ever seen.

“So, it is nonsense when Dora talks like that, she is just hallucinating and she is being silly! There is no way they can condemn that incident in Monze when they have not condemned those other incidences I have given you as examples. So, chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi (so it is better for the dog to bite a goat), is that what it means? PF is the worst government since we got our independence because they are unresponsive, irresponsible, uncaring and childish! There is more ‘caderism’ in this government than any other government. It’s a composition of cadres wearing the jackets of leaders,” he said.

And Katuka insisted that the UPND saw no reason to apologize for the Monze incident when the PF had failed to apologise for their violent acts on several occasions.

“Why do they want others to apologise when they have never apologised? They have never condemned their own actions. Remember Chishismba Kambwili was attacked in Kabwe; who attacked him? It is the PF. I was part of those, who were attacked at Intercontinental (Hotel) during the (Constitution Amendment) Bill 10 debate. So, all that to them is nothing. The biggest crime that anyone has done is booing Lungu because ‘he is God,’ that is what you mean? ‘If you boo Lungu then you will never go to Heaven, but if you attempt to kill Hakainde Hichilema, there is no issue.’ So, for me, it’s nonsense, it is a very very cheap type of thinking. You don’t expect people who are mature to think like that,” said Katuka.

“They must realise that if they have never apologised, we really find it unnecessary to apologise for nothing because the incidents I have given you are worse off and were life-risking than what we saw in Monze. So, there is no need to apologise. When you talk about violence, it has been brought by the PF; we never had this. Zambia was a peaceful country and people walked around without fear. But now, we are not safe. I do not know when I can be attacked by the PF. PF does not own the people it is governing on behalf of the people. For them, it is cheap excitement to be in government. So, I think they are just being childish, silly and irresponsible!”