PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says the opposition UPND will continue losing elections because it has for a long time failed to win the hearts of the people due to its violent nature.

And President Lungu has appealed to the women and youths in the country to stop violence against their political opponents.

Speaking upon arrival at Mongu airport where he has gone for a three-day working visit in Western Province, President Lungu also asked the women and the youths to convince each other on why they should vote for the PF in 2021.

“The people who vote for us are at home watching us. What they see is what makes them vote for us. If they see us as a violent party which is disrespectful of one another, they will not give us the votes. I am saying this because that’s why one political party has been failing to win the hearts of the Zambian people for a long time. That party will continue losing because it cannot win the hearts of the people. What they want you to do is for you to lose your hearts and act like them so that we lose the support of the people and we lose in 2021,” President Lungu said.

He appealed to the youths to stop engaging in violence because the blood spilled during such acts is not of political leaders.

“Please don’t buy into that scheme. They have nothing to lose by being violent but we have everything to lose by being violent. Let me make it clear that vengeance is not ours, It’s for the Lord Almighty. Let me tell you that two wrongs never make a right. The blood that you spill in your protests, when you fight in your combat is not that of the leaders of the political parties, it is that of your own brother. The leaders have their children in schools, some of them abroad, why should you do that?” he asked.

And President Lungu asked the youths and the women in the country to convince each other on why they should vote for the PF instead of fighting each other.

“To my youths and women, I want to tell you that I have come to Western province in peace. I am saying this because it’s the women and the youths who get angry with some injustice. And I know it’s always the women and youths who will always want to seek justice by revenging. Please don’t be too angry. Emulate your leaders. They are very peaceful people. All the politics will be resolved in August 2021 on the 12th when you vote,” said President Lungu.

“To the youths and the women, let’s convince each other on why we should vote for the PF instead of fighting. Let’s use civil language as we address issues concerning us. After all, we in PF are looking for more women and youth to join us in parliament in 2021. So, if you show us that you are irrational and unreasonable, violent, you don’t fit our bill of leaders in this country. So, those who are fighting to get even, if the friends in UPND in Monze agree to a de-service to PF, I am saying this because I know from a very foundation as a person that Zambians want peace throughout.”