POLICE in Central Province have arrested Jeyson Chipepo, a sergeant who recently resigned from the Zambia Police Service citing political interference and infiltration of the Command by cadres.

Central Province Police Commissioner Chola Katanga confirmed to News Diggers that Chipepo was picked up on Monday morning and detained at Kapiri Mposhi Police Station awaiting transportation to Muchinga Division where he committed the offence of desertion.

“Yes, he has been picked up. He was picked up this morning and is currently in detention at Kapiri Police Station. He is yet to be handed over to Muchinga where he committed the offense of desertion from the Zambia Police Service. He was employed by the Zambia Police Service, but he just disappeared. He could not be contacted; he was nowhere to be seen. So he was declared a deserter by Muchinga Police where he belongs,” said Katanga.

Prior to his arrest, Chipepo told News Diggers that he was going to hand himself over to the police in Kapiri because he was not running away from anyone.

“I am going to hand myself over at Kapiri Police. I haven’t been summoned but I am just going there because I don’t want to look like I am running away. I came to Kapiri yesterday and I was about to leave for Lusaka today, but I couldn’t proceed because I knew that they would intercept me on the way and then I would going to look like I am trying to run away or something. So I am just going to take myself there now,” Chipepo said.

He also denied having deserted his job, saying he was just on leave.

“I even have my leave forms and everything. Those people are just trying to cover up, it’s their job. Two months ago, they promoted me. How do you promote a deserter? They are just trying to lie. They always enjoy shooting in the air and that is what they are doing even now. But we are beyond them,” said Chipepo.