CLERK of the National Assembly Cecilia Mbewe says only five members of parliament have tested positive to COVID-19 and not 15 as earlier announced by Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya.

On Friday, Chilufya said 15 members of parliament and 11 National Assembly staff had tested positive to COVID-19.

“We did make an announcement that in showing leadership and political will at the apex of the political leadership at parliament, an exercise was carried out where members of parliament were tested for COVID-19 including members of staff. Results have been availed and 15 MPs have tested positive to COVID-19. All these MPs have been contacted and are being isolated in various facilities and those who require further therapy are being transferred to Covid centers. None of them is critically ill as we speak and we are managing them in various facilities. There were 11 members of staff that were affected in this exercise of two days ago. This number we are talking about the 11 members of staff and 15 MPs are out of the special exercise. And they are not part of the 154 that we did announce,” said Dr Chilufya.

But Mbewe said only five members of staff and five MPS had tested positive to COVID-19.

“The tests for COVID-19 which were conducted at Parliament Buildings on Wednesday, 22nd July 2020, were open to members of parliament, staff of the National Assembly and non-staff. The 15 who tested positive for COVID-19, were as follows: five members of Parliament, five members of staff and five non- staff.” clarified Mbewe.