PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Mwila says his party is working on a budget so that funds can be released for members to mobilize people to get National Registration Cards.

Speaking he met party officials in Nchelenge, Thursday, Mwila insisted that getting NRCs was a party programme.

“The NRCs exercise let us take it as the party program. Let us all get involved. Nali chita discuss naba (I discussed with the) party chairman, we are working on a budget to see if we can release some few resources so that abantu besu bali munshila bale enda bale ongola abana mukuya lembesha ama reg (our people should mobilize people to get NRCs) because we need the numbers. Mobilization ya party that is the reason we are there,” Mwila said.

Mwila advised the party officials in the district to grow the party branches.

“Natwisa nama registers aya kweba ati mule lemba ama branch. Ama branch ya fwile ya fula, te kwi kala fye ati ama elections yali no kwisa (we have come with registers so that you can take note of people. The party branches need to grow, don’t just be idle and wait for elections). You have to continue mobilizing the party. I will not talk about the area member of parliament because he is not here. After we have finished the elections, we are going to the general conference, that was the decision from the last meeting. We are going to sit and decide once we finish the provinces. We are going to sit and decide which way forward. Of course because of the COVID-19, what measures are we going to put in place, all those issues must be discussed. So I have brought the registers for the constituency and district,” Mwila said.

“I have also brought one bail of Chitenge material for the district. But I wanted all the ward officials to be here because this is an opportunity for some of you, you have not met the secretary general. You are meeting him for the first time so that efyo tule landa not ukuya ba shimikila. Sometimes ukuyumfwila kwaliwama (whatever we are saying here, they should not be told but they should hear it for themselves).”

Meanwhile, Mwila said he would engage Minister of Infrastructure Development Vincent Mwale on plans to rehabilitate roads in that area.

“The issue the chairman raised about the township roads, we will raise it to the concerned Minister. The hospitals where you did the ground breaking I will engage the Minister of Health,” said Mwila.

Earlier, Mwila donated various items towards the fight against COVID-19 to St Paul’s Mission Hospital in Nchelenge and later at Mbereshi Mission Hospital in Mwansabombwe.