MONZE Central UPND member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu says the procurement of military equipment by the government is intended to brutalise political opponents.

Last week, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo said the government was procuring military equipment for the police to safeguard the peace of the nation from reckless individuals who wanted to put the country on fire.

However, Mwiimbu, in an interview, said the purchase of the equipment was misplaced and not in the interest of the nation.

“The equipment the government is procuring is not intended to protect the citizens. The equipment is intended to brutalise the perceived the political opponents as we prepare for the next election. I have no doubt that this particular equipment is intended to enhance their capacity to frustrate political opponents. Any civilized society is supposed to ensure that citizens are protected from criminals. Members of the public have been complaining that when they are attacked by criminals at night or whatever time, when the matter is reported to police, they are being told that the police have no transport. They have no equipment to protect them,” Mwiimbu said.

“It is our considered view that that is the line the government would have taken to equip the police to protect the public from criminals, and not to inflict injury on political opponents. That is not the duty of any civilized government. The purchases are misplaced and are not in the interest of the nation. It is a priority because they want to win the elections at all cost and they want to use that equipment to suppress their political opponents. It is not in the interest of the nation to procure this equipment.”

And Mwimbu has threatened to sue PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri for accusing him of owning land in Forest 27.

“I am told this lady who has diarrhea of the mouth. Mumbi Phiri was on radio yesterday (Monday) where she alleged that I own a plot in Forest 27. I want to state that I don’t own any land in Forest 27. Any member of the public is free to conduct a search at the Ministry of Lands. And they will find that I don’t own any property in Forest 27,” said Mwiimbu. “Further, there is no way that I can own a property in a forest reserve, it is not possible. Unless it has been de-gazzeted, that is when somebody can own a property. Even if it is de-gazzeted, I don’t own any property there. Let her tell me the plot number that I own. She is being mischievous, she wants me to be digressed from what I am doing as a member of parliament and leader of opposition to talk about petty issues. I am going to proceed to take her to court if that is what she was saying that I should take her to court.”