FORMER Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president George Chisanga says it is exciting and emotional for him to be adopted by the ruling party to contest the forthcoming Lukashya by-election.

The Lukashya seat fell vacant following the death of Independent member of parliament Mwenya Munkonge.

In an interview, Tuesday, Chisanga said if elected, he would ensure that laws that were passed responded to the aspirations of the people.

“In this constituency, I wasn’t adopted in 2011 because of the decision the party had made. They wanted the sitting member of parliament at that time. So I worked alongside the MP and we delivered that constituency. In 2016, the constituency itself wanted me to stand and they had come to the party and asked that I stand but because the party had already adopted the same candidate who was there, I wasn’t given the adoption. And this one, as you are aware, has risen because of the passing on of the area honorable MP who you must know was a friend of mine, we grew up together. So I have been given a request by the constituency and I am responding to the constituency’s overwhelming demand that I vie for this position,” Chisanga said.

“Of course, an adoption is very exciting but you can’t be excited when what you are doing is basically taking over from somebody who died in their line of duty. It is both emotional and exciting. It is exciting because it is the people’s demands and emotional because you are taking over from somebody who had started working very well with the party, one of our brothers. So it is a mixed feeling kind of reaction.”

And when asked about his plans for the constituency, he said he would provide leadership in developing the area.

“Ideally, it is to provide leadership for the development of the constituency and also to ensure that whatever laws are going to be passed, they are laws that respond to the aspirations of the people. But you can’t talk about individual plans when you are part of a group that runs the constituency. I will work with councilors, I will work with people on the structures, including the branches to see how we can revamp the constituency,” said Chisanga.