PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Mwila says the party will take stern and appropriate action against its Eastern Province youth chairperson Emmanuel J Banda, insisting that no criminality will be shielded.

In July, Banda mobilized PF cadres and stormed Lusaka Central police where they beat up some unsuspecting officers on duty and got away with two cell phones and cash amounting to K4,000 belonging to one of the officers.

Banda had been on the run for a month, after which he turned himself in to Lusaka Central Police. He was arrested, charged with aggravated assault and released on bond.

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja said his command had to abandon their intentions of charging Banda for aggravated robbery after the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) advised that there wasn’t enough evidence to do so.

And in a statement, Mwila said no one was allowed to use the party to shield any form of criminality.

He said the decision by the police to grant Banda police bond and how the handled the case had nothing to do with the ruling party.

“The Patriotic Front is a mass movement of the people brought together by common values which include love of country, patriotism, justice and the rule of law. There are therefore no sacred cows in the Party. We believe that everyone is equal before the law. The decision by the Police to grant Jay Jay Banda police bond and however they handle the case is not our baby- that aspect is not a party matter. However, the Party will take stern and appropriate disciplinary action against Jay Jay Banda in line with its disciplinary code. Let me reiterate that members of the party, especially those in leadership positions must endeavor to lead by example through exemplary behavior at all times,” stated Mwila.

“No one will be allowed to use the Party to shield any form of criminality and illegality. We owe this Party to present and future generations of Zambians and we will do all we can to defend its image and reputation. Patriotic Front exists to make the job of law enforcement agencies such as the police easier. We shall not sink to low levels of antagonizing the police while abrogating the law. We therefore encourage the police to execute their mandate as demanded of them by the law.”