2021 PF presidential aspirant Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) says government’s intentions of taking action against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema over privatization allegations will bring unnecessary upheaval in the country, judging by the current mood.

And Fube says government’s ill timed desperation over the matter will not solve anything but will only make Hichilema popular.

Meanwhile, People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) leader Andyford Banda says the Patriotic Front (PF) government has no moral right to talk about the mismanagement of the privatization process because they have presided over the most corrupt regime.

In a statement, Tuesday, KBF urged government to reconsider its position on the matter.

“It is true, HH did not disclose material facts at the time and that he did benefit both before and after such contracts were executed. It is true, HH has not answered nor explained his double dealings. At law, a case may be made. However, from a purely nationalist perspective, reading the statement from my sister Hon. Dora Siliya, I would strongly recommend that our government reconsiders any intended action against HH. I am not sure what problem is intended to be fixed here, but it is clear that this will be a recipe for unnecessary upheaval in the nation going by the mood. Desperation is of little measure when it solves nothing, but makes a villain popular because of bad timing. We have COVID-19 to deal with; balance of payments of national debts; an ailing economy; serious youth unemployment and no clear policy direction,” KBF stated.

“My advice to the government is that this is not the time to play into the hands of the unsuspecting poor hungry Zambians, who may just be looking for a reason to be unruly and riotous. HH will be just too happy to be the martyr the Zambians will use to make the nation ungovernable. Do not play into his net. Leadership, sometimes requires wisdom; above all else the capacity to overlook the wrong that may breed anarchy, disruption of civility and even possible death of innocent Zambians.”

And KBF urged Hichilema to defend himself on the issue and allow Zambians to make their own judgment.

“Hon. Nawakwi has done her duty by informing the nation of what she knows. But one, who speaks alone, never makes a mistake. Let HH speak in his defense. Then let the Zambians judge. Yet, this I say the government must not take any action against either party right now. We have serious problems and we need serious answers. This privatisation discussion is just that for now, a discussion. The majority villagers do not even care anymore. Let us focus on the real issues. It’s time to change the game and some players,” stated KBF.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, Wednesday, Banda said the privatization issue was mere propaganda.

“We have noted with dismay the propaganda by the PF government on the privatization process of national assets when the same government has been the most accused in corrupt activities. We are baffled that the government of President Edgar Lungu should be the one who should make a lot of noise and behave as though they are angels sent to come and clean up the privatization mess when we have had three successive Republican Presidents before. While we know that privatization was a mess, we believe all the previous Presidents and their administration after privatization could have dealt with this issue if the many ills coming out now were gross. We tend to wonder why this should excite the current administration which has run out of messages to give the people,” Banda stated.

“We believe that the PF government has no moral right whatsoever, to talk about the mismanagement of the privatization process because they have presided over the most corrupt regime in the history of this country and everyone can clearly see that this is a political move to eliminate some candidates that are running for office in 2021. We strongly do not believe in this privatization debate as it is nothing but a disruption to the many issues that we need to be focusing on; among other things we need answers to fresh questions around the purchase of the 42 fire trucks, ambulances, mukula tree sales, gold mining scandals, overpriced roads, debt, a failing economy and the numerous acquittals on corruption allegations.”

Banda warned that PF’s propaganda against opposition opponents would not succeed.

“Before casting a stone on their opponents, let the PF investigate itself in all the scandals it has been implicated due to the mismanagement of national affairs. It is only after that, Zambians will take them seriously on any other matter. We want to assure the PF and it’s surrogates that this privatization propaganda against political opponents will not succeed because people have woken up and are able to see through the maneuvers to eliminate some candidates. We further hold a strong view that calls to institute a commission of inquiry into the privatization process would be costly and only create an impression that this is politically motivated. We challenge the PF to desist in its attempts to divert the people’s attention to non-issues as we want to focus on their performance prior to the 2021 polls that are fast approaching,” stated Banda.