WHEN someone starts telling stories that things are not working, that ‘no, the PF have failed’, just tell him that ‘sir, just sit, because we can make a mistake we insult you’, says President Edgar Lungu.

And President Lungu has assured the people of Luapula Province of more development in the area, insisting that PF is still a pro-poor party.

The Head of State was speaking at a rally in Luapula Province, Sunday, when he went to drum up support for PF candidate in the Mwansabombwe Parliamentary by-election, Kabaso Kampampi.

The Head of State said the works that had been done under the PF administration from 2011 to 2020 surpassed those which had been done under former Presidents Kenneth Kaunda and Frederick Chiluba.

“From 2011 ukufika lelo, 2020 ifyo ba PF balebomba mu chalo cha Zambia mulefimona. Nga mwabika pamo ifyabombele batata ba Kaunda naba Chiluba, mwaisa chita compare nokulinganya nefyo tubombele fwebo ba PF, fyachilamo. Fyachilamo filemoneka no kumoneka (From 2011 to this day, 2020, what the PF is doing in Zambia can be seen. If you put together the works that were done under former Presidents [Kenneth] Kaunda and Chiluba and compare with the works that the PF has done, the works under PF are much more and that can be seen),” President Lungu said.

“Umuntu nga ayamba ama stories ati iyo tafilebomba, iyo ba PF nabafilwa, kumweba ati awe tata ikalafye, pantu kuti twalufyanya, uleke tuku tuke. Pa PF balebomba. Efyo ndelandila ifi pantu kuli abashikwete scopodonono. Balebepa abantu ukweba ati bakesa chinja ifintu. Ifintu nafitampa kale uku chinja, ifintu fileya filewama ati iyo mubikepo umbi MP ku Mwansabombwe elyo ifintu fikanjinja. Ubo bufi tabulepanga na sense pantu uleisa onse alalolesha kuli Edgar Lungu nangu Bwalya Ngandu abakwete ichuma cha chalo. Right now the treasurer or the Minister of Finance is Bwalya Ng’andu who is appointed by me, the President is me. (When someone starts telling stories that things are not working, no the PF have failed, just tell tell him that ‘sir, just sit, because we can make a mistake and insult you.’ PF is working. I am saying this because there are some people without brains. They are lying to people that they will come and turn things around. Things have already started changing and getting better [then someone says] that ‘no let’s put another MP in Mwansabombwe that’s when thing will change’. Those lies don’t even make sense because every new MP looks to me or the Minister of Finance for resources.)”

President Lungu urged the people of Mwansabombwe to vote for Kampampi saying only he could complete the projects that were left by the late area member of parliament Rogers Mwewa.

He urged the people not to listen to opposition parties who were claiming that they would take development to the area.

“I know that from the time campaigns started, people who have come here have told you many different things. They have told you of what they plan to do for you. But what is needed in Mwansabombwe is someone who can finish the works that Rodgers Mwewa left behind. And the one who can carry out these works is someone in PF, Kabaso Kampampi. You have seen the works that are being done under PF, schools are being built. Now another person comes to tell you that no vote for me, saying he will bring development to the area, who is he going to work with? Akabomba nabani? Pantu ba Minister ba PF, ubuteko bwa PF bwa Edgar Lungu. Akafumya kwiisa amaka nangu ichuma ichakuti akesa pwisha umulimo walebomba Rodgers Mwewa? (Who is he going to work with because the Minister is PF, government under Edgar Lungu is PF. Where is he going to get the powers and resources to finish up the works that Mwewa left behind?)” President Lungu asked.

President Lungu also said PF was still a pro-poor government.

He urged the electorates to vote for Kampampi so that he could easily lobby for development if elected member of parliament from other ministers.

The President was accompanied by Mansa Central PF member of parliament Chitalu Chilufya, Pambashe PF member of parliament Ronald Chitotela, nominated member of parliament Raphael Nakacinda, PF secretary general Davies Mwila, PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri, among others, who also urged the supporters to vote for Kampampi.

Earlier, President Lungu paid a courtesy call on Senior Chief Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda Speaking people in Mwansabombwe District.

Senior chief Mwata Kazembe welcomed the President and expressed gratitude over the visit to the chiefdom.

The senior chief however, hoped for peaceful campaigns ahead of by-elections without any fights.

The Head of State in turn said government would continue working with traditional leaders as they were partners in national development and further commended the senior chief for his call for peaceful campaigns.