PF DEPUTY chief whip Tutwa Ngulube says Professor Patrick Lumumba is poverty stricken and has no credibility to comment on Zambia’s governance.

And Ngulube says Professor Lumumba’s remarks are testimony that some foreigners want UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to take over power so that imperialists could damage Zambia’s economy.

Meanwhile, Ngulube says he is confident that Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 will be enacted because most UPND members of parliament are in support of the bill.

Commenting on Prof Lumumba’s remarks that Zambians should try HH next year because President Edgar Lungu’s regime tolerated corruption, Ngulube said Zambia was a sovereign state and that the Kenyan Professor should stop advocating for a change of government in this country.

“I think it is a clear testimony now that it is the foreigners who are agitating for change of government in Zambia. You might be aware that Professor Lumumba has no credibility to talk about issues like that. Even in his own country, Kenya, he is not even respected. He has been ranting, attacking foreign governments, trying to attack the Chinese because he is actually poverty stricken. As far as we are concerned, we wish to warn him that Zambia is a sovereign state; it has its own government and its own Head of State and for him to start agitating for change of government in any foreign country is testimony that Hakainde is not genuine. He is not the only one who is pushing for Hakainde; we also know of organizations and everyone else who want to come and take over the reigns of power,” Ngulube said.

And Ngulube said imperialists were fronting HH because he’s the only one who can “privatise” Zambia.

“So they are trying to use HH to come and take over power so that imperialists can damage Zambia’s economy. So the Zambians are fed up and have realised, because Lumumba has opened our eyes that these guys are actually fronting Hakainde because they know that he is the only one who can priviatize this country, because of his love for money and privatizing things,” he said.

Ngulube said Professor Lumumba was trying to destabilize government.

“First of all, Lumumba cannot even qualify to even stand as a councilor here in Zambia, he doesn’t even qualify to comment because he is a foreigner. There are a lot of educated Zambians more qualified than Lumumba who respect our President, and who feel the President is doing so much for this country. So, for Lumumba to wake up and start saying what he is saying, I think it is a shame! People associated to Lumumba should actually feel embarrassed because Lumumba for a very long time has been wanting to come to Zambia and destabilize the government. Because of government’s commitment to securing its integrity he has found it very difficult to penetrate and that is how now, you see them making all those attacks on government,” Ngulube said.

Meanwhile, Ngulube said he was confident that Bill 10 would be enacted.

“Bill 10, as far as we are concerned, is a very good piece of law and the majority of the members support it. So, we are very confident that after the by elections, we will have the changes to the Constitution effected. We have confidence that the two thirds majority will be attained. You see, most of the UPND MPs do not agree with that kind of UPND intimidation and that is why the UPND were very jittery, they knew most of their MPs were supposed to support government’s cause,” said Ngulube.

“If they were sure that the bill was not going to pass, why did they even start rushing to court? They knew that the majority of the MPs believe in supporting the country and not just supporting an individual like HH. That is why you saw all that fisting by Jack Mwiimbu, Gary Nkombo and everyone else. They know most of their MPs have told them ‘look we don’t see anything wrong’. The chiefs, who are actually affected by the Constitution, have actually centered to come support the proposals on the chiefs. A number of MPs have actually voiced out and that is why you saw the UPND panicking. If they were not sure that the bill would not go through, why did they make sure that the bill was actually frustrated? It is because they know that bill is a good piece of law and it will go through.”