DEPUTY Inspector General of Police in charge of operations Bonny Kapeso yesterday chased some MMD cadres from police headquarters who went to offer solidarity to their leader, Nevers Mumba, saying he doesn’t want “ifyabupuba”.

And Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed that police summoned Mumba because of remarks which he issued that the recently held Lukashya by-election was rigged by the ruling Patriotic Front.

Meanwhile, MMD vice-president Rueben Sambo says it is not appropriate for the Police to summon people who speak their mind.

Mumba arrived at the police headquarters at around 09:54 hours. He addressed his supporters, urging them to remain strong.

After addressing his supporters, he was later driven in, as his supporters followed him, marching towards the main gate of the police headquarters whilst chanting slogans and carrying placards.

But a few minutes later, Kapeso, together with a few other police officers came out of the premises and ordered the cadres to leave.

“Umfweni mwebana bakwa Lesa aini, ifyabupuba tabaleta ku headquarters. Nga muleleta ifyabupuba ku (Listen to me you people of God, don’t bring stupidity to the police headquarters. If you are bringing stupidity to the police headquarters) this is a wrong place for you. The Police called Dr Nevers Mumba alone in his capacity. We do not want this nonsense at all and we warned you that we don’t want you to take advantage of the police. There is no way you can come and sing at the police station and say muledabwa (we will surprise you). With immediate effect as I speak now can you disperse! And I am going back in the next two minutes if I find anybody here don’t blame me. Can you disperse!” exclaimed Kapeso.

And speaking to journalists after he Mumba interrogated, Sambo said the police acted in a professional manner.

“We are unable to delve into any of the enquiry. It was cordial, it was friendly. I think the police treated it with absolute professionalism. I think at the moment any queries, any questions related to inquiry that they are making are best handled by the police spokesperson in order that the enquiry does not hit any snag at all,” Sambo said.

When asked if the probe was long, Sambo said; “Well, it wasn’t long because there were a lot of pleasantries. In the beginning you needed to go to this office and clear this and that. The inquiry itself was amicable, cordial, friendly and that is how come we are out within two hours.”

When asked if it was right for the police to summon people that spoke their mind, Sambo said it was not appropriate.

“We have indicated that in fact, that may not be the appropriate way to go for the police. However, what has happened is that it turns out that it is an inquiry that they are making and we are available,” said Sambo.

And in a statement, Monday, Katongo explained why Mumba was summoned.

“Police summoned Dr Nevers Mumba who came to Police Service Headquarters today around 10:00. His summoning is based on a statement he recently made which is circulating on social media where he brought out several issues bordering on the just ended Lukashya Parliamentary by-elections. He was called in for an inquiry as the matters he alleged have to be investigated,” stated Katongo.

Meanwhile, at around 11:30 hours, NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili went to offer his solidarity but as he tried to enter the premises, police blocked him and he was told to leave.