PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Mwila says reality has dawned on the opposition that they will lose the 2021 general elections, that is why they have mounted a vicious campaign against the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

And Mwila has warned party officials against embarrassing ministers in the media saying they are causing anarchy.

Meanwhile, Mwila says in three weeks’ time, suspended Patriotic Front Eastern Province Youth Chairperson Emmanuel J Banda commonly known as Jay Jay’s matter will be brought before the National Disciplinary Committee for action.

At a press briefing, Wednesday, Mwila said the opposition wanted to cause chaos in the aftermath of the 2021 elections general elections by attempting to make the country ungovernable.

“It has come to the attention of the Central Committee that there is a vicious smear campaign that the opposition have launched against ECZ in their desperate attempt to discredit the Commission and wash away its integrity. Reality has finally dawned on the opposition and they now know with certainty that they are losing the forthcoming 2021 general elections so they have opted to launch a vicious propaganda campaign against ECZ. Their aim is to discredit ECZ and lay a foundation to dispute the 2021 election results, They want to cause chaos in the aftermath of the 2021 elections general elections by attempting to make the country ungovernable. They are baselessly accusing ECZ of trying to rig the 2021 elections in favor of PF,” Mwila said.

“In the coming weeks, and days, you shall witness a heightened onslaught on the integrity and competence of ECZ to hold free and fair elections. They have lined up a string of disgruntled and shameless individuals both locally and internationally whom they will unleash to attack ECZ and its top ranking officials. They have further hired certain media houses who will continue to give screaming headlines to this propaganda campaign against ECZ.”

He said accusing the Commission of favoring PF was unfounded and unjustifiable.

“We wish to assure the public that ECZ is an independent and autonomous institution established by the Constitution of Zambia to manage elections and administer the electoral process including the process of voter registration. The conduct of ECZ is regulated by the constitution as prescribed in Article 229 and as spelt out in the Electoral Process Act Number 34 of 2016. We urge all stakeholders to take advantage of the open door policy of ECZ as well as the various existing conflict management channels to resolve all manner of electoral disputes instead of attacking innocent and defenseless individuals and institutions in the media,” he said.

“Zambia is our country and we should not allow petty politics to divide us. Let us learn to differ on substance and real issues and not fictitious matters. The Commission does not take any instructions or directives from any person or authority, not even the President, in the discharge of its duties. And to accuse it of favoring the PF is unfounded and unjustifiable. Just campaign and convince the people to vote for you. It is not the job of ECZ to help you win elections; the onus lies on you as a candidate or party.”

And Mwila warned that he would deal with those embarrassing Cabinet Ministers in the media.

“The issue that is going round, the issue of mobilization. I think the purpose of us establishing mobilization is to supplement the efforts of the structures. Of late, we have seen some statements that I thought I should talk about this matter. All the issues concerning the structures and mobilization, all the issues that are being raised are supposed to be sorted out administratively. I don’t expect anyone to go to the media. These are internal matters. If they are aggrieved, they can write to all the relevant authorities: the province, the secretariat, we are there to deal with the matter,” Mwila said.

“If someone is saying that a Cabinet minister doesn’t have power to discipline him, the Cabinet minister can complain to my office and I will deal with him. And I will not allow anarchy in the party. There must be order! If Bowman (Lusambo) has gone wrong, that matter must be dealt with administratively. But if someone is going to the media to embarrass the minister, I will come in and deal with him. This is a warning I hope there will be order.”

Meanwhile, Mwila said Jay Jay’s matter would be taken to the National Disciplinary Committee.

“I think you are aware that my office had taken disciplinary action against the youth chairperson for Eastern Province popularly known as Jay Jay. I think in three weeks time we will be able to process the matter to the National Disciplinary Committee for action. Because the chairman for legal for the disciplinary committee will be in the campaign. So immediately we finish the campaign, the process will start. And after that, recommendations will be taken to the National Disciplinary Committee,” he said.

Mwila announced that the party had adopted Rosemary Chimbini to stand for the Chilubi Council Chairperson by-elections.

“Following the death of our former Chilubi Council Chairperson, Mr Daniel Mwila, ECZ has set 1st and 22nd October 2020 as dates for holding nominations and elections for Chilubi Council Chairperson by-election in Chilubi town council and local government by-elections in Mbereshi and Kakose wards of Mwansabombwe Constituency. After earnest deliberations, the Central Committee resolved to adopt Ms Rosemary Chimbini as the PF candidate. Honorable Brian Mundubile and Dr Chitalu Chilufya will lead the campaigns in Chilubi. They will be assisted by Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Anthony Kasandwe, honorable Mwiimbu Malama and George Mwamba,” said Mwila.