THE Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) says it is worried about the disruption of radio programmes by political cadres.

And Mazabuka UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo says it is clear that the ruling Patriotic Front is failing to manage its cadres.

In a brief interview, IBA director general Josephine Mapoma said the Authority had plans to engage various stakeholders on the same this November.

“On 19th of November, in conjunction with some donors, we will be engaging political parties, Journalists, and other stakeholders. We will work in conjunction with MISA Zambia and BBC media action. We are equally worried about what is happening,” said Mapoma.

And in a separate interview, Nkombo said PF did not want the opposition to engage citizens because they were advocating for a one party state.

“It has now become clear that the PF are failing to manage their cadres who are above the police. If you recall, the issue of radio station attacks started a long time ago, back at the Sun FM in Ndola, in Mpika there was an attack and it continues. So for Mr (Sunday) Chanda to say that we should be talking to the police when we want to go on the radio is draconian. It is jungle law they are using and they have now exposed themselves to the fact that PF cadres are stronger than the police and they will not allow people to the public because they want to advocate into a one party state,” said Nkombo

Last week, PF media director Sunday Chanda advised politicians to engage police before appearing on any radio programs because not everyone was tolerant to divergent views.

“As we begin to get closer to the general elections, people take politics differently and it is always important when there is such a program happening, politicians engage the police for their own safety and the safety of other people. Because not all of us will be tolerant to divergent views. This happens not just in PF strongholds. Not long ago, Fr Bwalya was beaten by UPND members in Mazabuka when he featured on Mazabuka Radio. So there is a likelihood of such events happening, not just restricted in PF strongholds. Even speaking for myself, if I want to feature on a radio station whether it is in Monze or in Mazabuka, I am not going to last three minutes in that radio station. So if I want to feature on any radio program, the first thing I would do is to inform the police because it is not just because of my own safety but the safety of the people working in the radio station,” said Chanda.