PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he knows he will be re-elected in next year’s general election because of the many works his government has done.

Speaking when he drummed up support for PF candidate in the Chilubi Council chairperson by-elections Rosemary Chimbini, in Bulilo ward, Monday, President Lungu said he knows that he would be re-elected.

“Ndemona abantu nabamitemwa sana muposeko amano mukabwele bwangu bwangu mukese umfwa abantu efyo balefwaya. Nga mwaya mwaililila, 2021 tamwaimone. Lekeni nsoke abo mwasala mu Zambia lyonse kuno kwine ku Northern Province, ngabamisala whether MP, council chairman, ulimubomfi wabantu, bombela abantu. Ipalamike kubantu, wishibe abantu efyo balekabila. Abo bakabwela mu 2021 ni abo abale bombela abantu, abo balecindika abantu, abo baleumfwa abantu efyo balelanda. Naine wine Edgar Lungu pano ndi ninjishiba abantu bakambwesha mu 2021 pantu efyo ndebomba nabanandi filemoneka. Ama sikulu, ifipatala, ubulimi, ifikulwa ipanga yonse. (I have seen that you are the preferred candidate. You should work hard so that you do what the people want. If you don’t work for the people, people will not vote for you in 2021. Let me take this time to advise those serving the people in various positions like members of parliament, council chairperson and other positions, you are a servant of the people, work for the people, listen to what the people of want. Those who will be voted for will be the ones that listen to the people. Even me, I know that people will re-elect me because people are able to see the works that my colleagues and I have done, schools, hospitals, agriculture country wide),” President Lungu said.

President Lungu said constituencies would be delimitated when the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 is passed in parliament.

“We have no apologies to make to anyone because we are servants of the people. And we believe in the people’s choice. So we work with the people and listen to the people and do what the people want. The people here in Chilubi want new constituencies, the people here in Chilubi want new districts to be created we will make sure that we get these things. To do so, we have to make sure that we pass Bill 10. Pantu Bill 10 eyakwata ifungulo pakweba ati batupele amaka na authority pakweba ati ba Electoral Commission of Zambia bakwate insambu ishaku chita create ama constituencies. Pali ino nshita ama constituencies yonse yaba locked muli constitution. ( Bill 10 is the law that will give ECZ the authority to delimitate constituencies),” said President Lungu.