CHIRUNDU UPND member of parliament Douglas Syakalima says Zambians will not allow President Edgar Lungu to run for a third term

Last Tuesday, President Lungu said he knew he would be re-elected in next year’s general election because of the many works his government had done.

But in an interview, Syakalima said President Lungu had totally failed.

“He should not think that Zambians are stupid or foolish. Zambian currency is the worst performing in the world. Zambia is the third hungriest country in the whole world, the man has totally failed. He has taken us into debt. He wants to force himself on our throats. He is not eligible to stand, that is the language he must understand. We should not be arguing whether he will win or not. There will be no third term for anybody in this country! And you can see the behavior of PF, at least president (Fredrick) Chiluba was decent enough that he wanted a third term but these ones are not talking about it, they just want to force a third term on our throats, it will not work. Lungu was sworn in twice, Lungu has held office twice!” exclaimed Syakalima.

“So for him to start campaigning that he has done a lot of things which are not even there, he wants people to forget that he is looking for a third term. It must be in his head that Zambians will not allow him. With all this that is happening, police are harassing women, you saw what happened to Mrs Kambwili and the daughter. A day after they were cheating themselves that they were praying, the following day they started harassing people. God can never be mocked. Time catches up with everybody who mocks God. Who will allow him to continue to be a President? He has brought lawlessness in this country and no one wants a president who is lawless. Lungu will not have a third term! Let him not push his luck too far. I think he has fooled the Zambian people for a long time.”