POLICE in Ndola have apprehended and detained UPND Ndola District Chairman Joseph Phiri and two other members for having a party meeting at a private house.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said although they met at a private house, Phiri should have notified police.

Katanga said Phiri was in detention alongside the owner of the said house and one member while others managed to escape.

She explained that Phiri held a meeting at a house in Hillcrest without notifying the police.

“I wonder why people want to break the law. Yes, they were more than 50 at a house and when police went there, they did not have a permit or even notified the police. So others managed to runaway and we apprehend Phiri, the owner of the house and one person. They are in detention,” said Katanga.

“It is so simple to just follow the law, but why break the law. Indoor meetings can be held but they need to notify the police. So he is kept in police custody.”