LUSAKA Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says the UPND will cry louder on the continued unfairness in the application of the Public Order Act due to the party’s failure to support Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019.

And Lusambo says the UPND are lucky to have a Minister of Home Affairs like Stephen Kampyongo, who is tolerant, as they would be crying every day.

Meanwhile, Lusambo has insisted that he will not apologise to Brian Bwembya, popularly known as ‘B-Flow’, for lying in Parliament, adding that the artist was free to take legal action if he wished.

In an interview, Lusambo said it was disappointing that the UPND had continued to complain about the unfairness of the Public Order Act yet they celebrated the failure to enact Bill 10 last Thursday.

Subsequently, three UPND officials were arrested for holding private meetings, Saturday.

“Zambians should open up their eyes and let them listen and see that UPND is not here for serious business, they are here just for confusion. Today, they want to talk about how others are being given the opportunity to campaign, we wanted in that Constitution to work on the Public Order Act. They didn’t want that. Public Order Act is not Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the Public Order Act is not Bowman Lusambo or Stephen Kampyongo, it is the law, which we had found from (British) colonial rule. We wanted all those things to be reviewed, but today, they are the ones who want to cry louder. They will cry and they will continue crying louder because they don’t know what they want! If they knew what they wanted, we would have tabled all these issues in Parliament,” Lusambo said.

“If they knew that there are some issues, which they didn’t want, we would have debated. But they opted to go to New Kasama to that stranded young man, who wants to become (Republican) President using any form of opportunity, but God has said, ‘not you, man, you can’t be a leader in this country.’ When we tell them that they come to Parliament to drink Mr Speaker’s tea and walk out of Parliament, that is what they did. They were excited like mad people because of a pack of Hungry Lion! How can you celebrate because someone has bought you Hungry Lion?”

And he said that the UPND were lucky to have Kampyongo as Home Affairs Minister, who was tolerant, as they would be crying every day.

“I can assure you that we are going back to our constituencies to tell the people what we have done and who have been their hinderers, we will tell them. I can assure you most UPNDs won’t come back, number one, who won’t come back is Kapiri Mposhi member of parliament (Stanley Kakubo), whether he will use ‘juju,’ he is not coming back to Parliament. So, for me, let the UPND cry and they are lucky that they have a Minister of Home Affairs, who is very tolerant, Kampyongo is very tolerant, they are very lucky that they have a Minister, who is very tolerant, otherwise those people are supposed to be crying every day because that is where they belong, they belong in the category of crying,” Lusambo said.

He stressed that Bill 10 had several progressive clauses.

“We came from Parliament last week with Bill 10, the people wanted Bill 10, I can assure you that we had an opportunity to give the youths an opportunity to represent themselves in Parliament. The UPND don’t want those things, we had an opportunity for women to represent themselves in Parliament, the UPND they didn’t want things to happen. We had an opportunity to give the physically challenged representation in Parliament, the UPND didn’t want the physically challenged people to be represented in Parliament,” Lusambo said.

“We had a lot of progressive clauses in Bill 10, the UPND MPs don’t even go to their constituencies, one example is Mpongwe and Lufwanyama, they don’t visit their constituencies, why? Because their constituencies are too vast! We wanted to do delimitations of these constituencies so that the service delivery can be effective in these constituencies, they didn’t want to do that. We wanted to put in the Constitution, ‘Zambia the Christian nation…’ They didn’t want all those things to be in the Constitution.”

Meanwhile, Lusambo insisted that he would not apologise to ‘B-Flow’ for lying in Parliament and told the artists to take legal action against him if he so wished.

The renowned musician demanded an apology from Lusambo for lying about the nature of their interactions in Parliament where the Kabushi PF member of parliament claimed to have sponsored his music career and that he spoke to B-Flow’s parents on a daily basis when in actual fact, both were deceased.

“Let them take legal action, I know they want to protect their careers. It is unfortunate here in Zambia that people don’t want to say the truth. When we talk about me knowing those people and me knowing his parents, who told him that our parents are only our mother and father? Who told him that? My parents died a while back, but I have parents. B-Flow should not open his mouth louder than he thinks he is; I know B-Flow from scratch, he was performing at our club, ‘Go Easy’ in Kabwe. What am I lying? When you sing one song and (former US president Barack) Obama has heard it, now you feel that you have made it in life, who said that? I don’t listen to his music! You have to know your league, it is not just about opening his mouth,” said Lusambo.