PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he has picked lessons from the elections that happened in Tanzania, Malawi and the United States of America.

And President Lungu says it is now the season for politicians to go to church.

Speaking when he met the clergy in Chipata, Tuesday, President Lungu said he would pick the good lessons from the recently held elections in those countries.

“Much as you are praising us for a job well done. We urge you to be candid and say ‘here you have done well, but you can do better here and there.’ You have summed it very well we are going for elections we had elections recently taking place in Tanzania we got some lessons from there. The good lessons we will pick. We had elections in Malawi, the goods lessons we will pick. We have had lessons in the USA the good lessons we will pick. So that we become better than them. And you see, no man is an island and even what you think is most useless we can get one or two things,” President Lungu said.

He said the church should pray for political leaders and not be jealous when he visited a specific church.

“I want to thank you for finding time to come through and be with us this afternoon. I know it’s hot and you are not even observing social distance especially the media here. I know they will be looking out for faults. when they look at me they will say what fault can we give him, this is one I think. I must also take this opportunity of being together is what I expect even when I am with one of you to the exclusion of others. The spirit of oneness you have shown us this afternoon is the same spirit I expect you to have when I am visiting a congregation in Chipata to the exclusion of others. I am saying so because I received a report that there was a meeting here at one of our big churches and the state was expected to be represented by myself,” he said.

“For some reasons, I never made it and I don’t know whether I was represented. The sentiments coming from the synod was that we will never invite him again because he prefers that other church. When they call him he goes despite the fact that that other church is fighting him politically and I said ‘oh my God.’ That should not be coming from you as Christians, you pray for us. You unite and see yourselves as one in Christ and we as part of you. I cannot love this one a Christian brother and hate the other Christian brother. I love all of you because you are one. I know that I am here today meeting all of you in Chipata. Elsewhere they are saying when he came here, he didn’t see all of us, he went and saw that bishop where is this jealousy coming from amongst brothers? There is only one President, your president who is me. If we are privileged to meet as we have shown today, let us show that love. If I go to UCZ for once in Luanshya let others pray for us instead of saying he only goes to UCZ. And I am saying this because I heard it from, niulule (should I mention them)? Anyways, since the owners, the bishops who said that know themselves chizabakumya (they will be affected),”

President Lungu said the church should not be politicized.

“And I am sure they will raise it, they said it here in Chipata on the 8th they had a gathering which was a synod and they said that Lungu has not come so we have resolving we will never invite him he goes to the other church, when they call him he goes running like that is the only church. Despite the fact that that church fights him politically. If you are fighting me politically, we will fight each other politically but you will not use the church. We love the church, we are part of the church, we see ourselves as part of the church and do not politicize the church,” he said.

And President Lungu it was a season for politicians to go to church.

“And this is a season for all politicians to go to church anyway. You know why? It goes without saying that the church matters in this. The church will decide whether you will be councilor, MP or president because the church has got the people. So when we come like we will come in numbers make sure that you convict us. Even those who are coming to set you up I hope that you give them support to win political battles, convict them,” said President Lungu.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said plans to build a university in Katete were underway and that the government was now sourcing for funds.