POLICE in Lusaka have traced the drugs that were allegedly stolen from Medical Stores Limited in Lusaka last week, to a private clinic in Chazanga.

According to sources at the Zambia Medical Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA), a clinic in Lusaka’s Chazanga compound called Athaliah Health Care has been stocking medicines allegedly pilfered from Medical Stores Limited.

“We have been carrying out an extensive investigation with help from the police, and so far we have been able to identify a private clinic called Athaliah Health Care in Chazanga which is believed to have been stocking these drugs,” sources said.

“Obviously, the question now is, who owns this clinic, and that’s what we are in the process of establishing. So far, it has been linked to the Hospital Administrator from Sikanze, Mr [Kennedy] Chikwanda, but the investigation is still on going, so we will be able to establish facts as we go. Regarding the Nangoma incident, we understand that the medicines were destined for Nangoma Mission Hospital and a pharmacist called Ivy was the person receiving the drugs, and this one is still on the run, according to police.”

Meanwhile, sources say Sikanze Police Hospital pharmacist, Vincent Chibale who was said to be on the run and driver Sydney Kalonga have both been nabbed for being linked to the scandal.

“As you reported, Chibale has a pharmacy also in Chilenje, but police have not been able to trace any drugs there. So he has been detained together with Kalonga, but on the part of Chibale, it will be difficult to prove his direct involvement, unless its proved, as you reported, that after the medicine came from Medical Stores, it was taken to his house before being moved to Nangoma.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo expressed anger at this reporter for asking her to comment on the matter, and warned that the offices linked to the story would sue News Diggers for publishing the exposé.