PF SECRETARY General Davies Mwila says he has no intentions of contesting as a member of parliament in Chipili constituency in the 2021 general elections.

Addressing Chipili residents, Friday, Mwila said that as PF Secretary General, he held the third highest position in the party and was therefore not interested in degrading himself to become an MP again.

Mwila said this after donating 80 desks to Mwenda Secondary School.

“The most important thing we have come for is that the headmaster wrote a letter when I built a school in our home. When I was handing over, they wrote a letter that desks are a challenge, children are sitting on the ground. They told me that they wanted 100, I have managed 80 desks for the school. We want our children to be educated, they should be like us, it is very important. For a country to move forward, there should be education. This is why we are coming in to help, because there is nothing I want, this is my home,” Mwila said.

“In 2016, I told you to choose properly, you people didn’t want so you thought that I am finished, now President Edgar Lungu gave me a position, in the party I am number three. So if I am number three in the party can I come back as a MP? Then I am mad. Then my brain is not working properly. Me I am on top, you people thought that you have buried me. So you are the people that selected no one forced you. I told you to choose a councilor, MP and President don’t miss anyone. Every country needs development, without development, you will go nowhere. Campaigns, I will come and help but not to stand as an MP, no that won’t work. Those who are coming to contest here are young people and you have seen them. We will come and tell the people that this is the one we want. We want someone who will work with President Edgar Lungu, we want someone who will work with the councilor, this is why the councilors are failing because they have no one to work with. Now you have learnt.”

Mwila said the number of people registering in Luapula Province was impressive.

“You need to register, everyone needs to register. I will come and vote from here. The power is with you, you have the power. Let no one come and lie to you, they buy you beer, no! Five years is a lot, note that when you make a mistake, you start waiting five years. What can happen in five years? When we were young, we could have three children. Five years is a lot so you should register. Those who have not registered please go and register,” Mwila said.

“I want to thank the provincial executive and your people in Luapula for the work you are doing in encouraging people to register. Because Luapula the numbers showing are impressive, continue doing the same. Continue doing the same so that we vote properly. President Edgar Lungu is the one who is standing as party President, MPs we will look for somebody a lot of people want to be an MP. It is you to decide.”

Later, Mwila also donated 31 desks to Mukunto Community School in Chipili district and urged residents to vote for a councilor, an MP and President from the PF.

“The most important thing is registration. This election we have to make sure that we elect the councilor, council chairman, the MP and the President. This voters card is power, it’s not just having a voters card, you will need to vote for development. If you do not vote for development, you will remain suffering. So the future of your children is in your hands. Here we are crying that the school is small, what is needed is leadership,” said Mwila.

“So the councilor here sent me a message on WhatsApp. On that WhatsApp [message], I saw children sitting on the floor meaning they were no desks here. So I said since I was your MP, let me come in and help because I come from this area, I cannot abandon this area, this is my village, let me help my children so that they can have a better future. So I have come, there are 31 desks that we are going to hand over to the school management. We have five years, some of you I left you when you were young but now you have grown. If you do not select properly that is your own fault, five years is a lot. There is need to be seriousness when electing leaders, if you don’t select properly a lot of things get destroyed. It’s up to you, if you want to suffer it is your fault. If you want things to be okay I told you to elect a Councilor, MP and President [from the same party] so that you make a uniform.”

In 2016, Mwila lost to an independent candidate Jewis Chabi in Chipili constituency.