UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka says PF secretary general Davies Mwila wants the ruling party to govern beyond 2021 so that they continue stealing from Zambians.

On Saturday, Mwila had argued that PF needed President Edgar Lungu to continue governing beyond the 2021 general election because he was not tribal.

But in an interview, Mucheleka said the tribal topic was a non-issue and that the ruling party should just focus on how they will improve the stressed economy.

“You know what these fellows have been doing? They have been fronting the issue of tribe, which is a non-issue. They use that to try and continue stealing from the people of Zambia. The only reason why Davies Mwila is saying that ‘Lungu must continue’ is because of stealing! They are going round using the so-called Presidential Empowerment Fund, they have never disclosed to the people of Zambia the source of that money because it is not coming from the budget. Remember, Mrs (Inonge) Wina indicated on the floor of Parliament that President Lungu is using his own money, how? Because we all know that President Lungu did not come with any money they are talking about,” Mucheleka said.

“Obviously, you can tell that it is money that has been corruptly obtained and they want to use it to continue patronising the people. They should be able to say that ‘we destroyed this country, we must pack our bags and go,’ but they are not interested. Look at the economic indicators, the economy is in a mess! Look at how much they have stolen? Davies Mwila’s interest is for them to continue stealing. Have you seen how much money they are donating to the churches? Have you seen the vehicles they have bought for the chiefs? If Lungu and Davies Mwila think that they will continue stealing from the people of Zambia, it will not work. People are determined to effect change.”

He added that Mwila had a low IQ.

“This tribal issue is nonsense to say the least. That is a nonsensical statement coming from a very useless person, who doesn’t know what it means to be a leader in Zambia. How are they going to ensure that there is economic recovery? They have completely failed! Instead, they go to people to talk about useless things. It is for people with very low IQ if you are going to continue to talk about tribalism. They think that singing the song of tribalism will help them, it will not. People are looking for economic solutions. People want food on the table, have they managed to put food on the table? That is what they should be talking about,” said Mucheleka.

Speaking during the Choma PF general conference, Saturday, Mwila told ruling party officials not to emulate UPND Hakainde Hichilema and his party in terms of his alleged tribalism.

“I am happy the way you have elected the people, you did not look at someone’s tribe. Let us not behave like UPND and Hakainde Hichilema, we are not tribal. Jack Mwiimbu is leader of government business (in Parliament), he is from Southern Province; chief whip of the party Garry Nkombo is from Southern Province, but we have MPs from Western, North-Western, what about if you give them power? They will just be relatives throughout! That’s why we need our President to continue beyond 2021 because our President is not tribal. We are ready for next year’s election as a party,” said Mwila.