PF Kabwata Constituency yesterday unveiled businessman Danny Yenga as aspiring member of parliament for 2021.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by many PF Kabwata officials, party provincial leaders and party supporters who expressed gladness in Yenga’s decision to aspire for the seat on the party ticket.

During the unveiling ceremony, Yenga said his campaign message would be issue based and promised to be a loyal servant once elected.

“I am not new in Kabwata, people know I use to sell chickens at the market there. I am from Kabwata, I got my education here in Kabwata. This is why I have come, it is not only that Kabwata is so dear to my heart, this was Sata’s bedroom may his soul rest in peace. I don’t want to let down Mr Michael Chilufya Sata. This was his bedroom and Kabwata constituency has produced two sitting Presidents, Dr [Kenneth] Kaunda he was from Kabwata. There is a reason why when I was called upon to come to Kabwata, I never even hesitated, I said I am available, I am here for Kabwata,” Yenga said.

“My campaign message will be issue based. I can’t work alone here, I need to work with you. What I can promise you is that me I don’t forget. 2021 we shall be with you we shall party with you. When you send me to Parliament, I promise you I won’t be your boss, I will be your servant. We will deliver ECL in 2021 come rain, come sunshine.”

He said he would not tolerate anyone that was going to insult incumbent MP Given Lubinda as he had done a number of positive works for Kabwata Constituency.

“When I come to Kabwata, I don’t want to make parallel structures, I will work with the structures that are in Kabwata and not create divisions. Even the people I consulted, they told me that in Kabwata, the leadership that is in Kabwata is intact. I have come here not to bring divisions but build Kabwata to go to greater heights. I have come here not as a foreigner. What I did today, I told the chair to say I am going to call the sitting MP as a sign of respect,” said Yenga.

“I got authority from the chair and I called honourable Lubinda I said ‘honourable Lubinda I am Danny Yenga I am coming to your constituency today. I am coming to flag off my campaign as an incoming MP. I have called you because you are my big brother.’ I told him this, ‘I am going to Kabwata not to insult you, I am going to Kabwata not to raise a finger on you. Ba Lubinda you have worked, what you have done for the party is so great. Therefore you deserve all the respect.’ I told him that I will never and I will not allow not any of you here, not even my team to insult honourable Lubinda. Honourable Lubinda has worked for this constituency and he deserves respect and I will stand to defend him.”

When contacted for a comment, Lubinda, who is also Justice Minister, said he was in a meeting and he was unable to talk by press time.