UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says he is not scared of anything and has urged party members not to be fearful regardless of the challenges they face.

Speaking to UPND supporters after attending a court case involving the opposition party’s Lusaka Province Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta in Kafue, Tuesday, Hichilema urged party members not to be fearful in spite of the various threats to their existence.

Hichilema is scheduled to appear for questioning at Force Headquarters in Lusaka, Wednesday morning, without clear reason.

Police commissioners across the country have since been put on high alert to monitor UPND members, who were expected to show solidarity to the UPND ahead of his appearance for questioning.

“Tabwela kuno ku Kafue kuti tipelekeze ba chairman bakuno ku province ku court that’s why tilikuno ku Kafue. Tangena mu court bwino bwino muja so nkhani kuyenda ku sogolo tichite support chairman wathu. In times like this, ise banamangiwa kale. (We have come here to offer solidarity to the Kafue province chairman. The court process went on well. Those of us that have been arrested). It is times like this when you want to see support from your members from your family. It doesn’t matter what kapoto (position) you hold, Lusaka people, it doesn’t matter what kapoto you hold, even those who are near in Chinkankata just across the river, we must continue supporting our chairman when he is in court and other members when they are taken to court. That is how a family works,” Hichilema said.

“Tichose manta. Mwamuona president na chairman wanu nanga ise tili na manta? Manta tinasiya muma mimba mwa amai athu (We should not be scared. Have you seen your president and chairman? Do we have fear? We left all fear in our mother’s wombs).”

Hichilema also urged party members to stop fighting over positions in the party.

“Muna tenga? (Did you get your voter’s card?) Mobilize voters, look after them on the voting day, take them to the polling station, after voting protect your vote because mumakamba ati HH samachita (you always say that I don’t) protect ma votes. Ma polling stations yali 14,000! Manje HH angankale muma polling stations monse umu? HH wamu polling stations yanu ndimwe mwamvela ka? Mukachite protect vote. Mudala ana panga bana so ngati alema asebensenza bana kuti apeze mphamvu. Ndiye message yanga. (There are over 14,000 polling stations, do you expect me to be everywhere? You are the ones to protect the votes. If a man has children, when he grows old, his children assist him, that is my message),” said Hichilema.

“2021 nikuchinja bafuna sibafuna. Muleke Ku menyanilana pali councillor, ngati mwayika councillor, ngati mwaika chairman district, mwaika MP po panda president kulibe chamene mwapanga. So, musiye nkhondo pa councillor, pali chairman pali MP because mu Kafue nimvela mufuna kumenyana maningi pali ma positions even yamu party structures mu menyana. Ija nkondo yama intra party elections taisiya mumbuyo. Kwamene tiyenda nikugwiliza kuti tikawine. Tikawina ndiye pe muzaona zabwino (in 2021), we have to change government whether they like it or not. Stop fighting over positions in the party! If you elect a member of parliament, a councilor without the President, then you have not achieved anything. So, stop fighting over positions. I hear there is a lot of infighting here. Let us leave this behind. Going forward, we have to work together so that we win. When we win, you will see good things happening.”

Meanwhile, the Kafue Magistrates’ Court placed Mwaliteta on his defence while his co-accused James Sichomba was acquitted.

This is in a matter where the duo stood charged with one count of being in possession of dangerous weapons.

In a ruling, Tuesday, Magistrate Kawana Mwamfuli found Mwaliteta with a case to answer and placed him on his defence saying the prosecution had proved that the he was found in possession of the said dangerous weapons.

And in acquitting second accused James Sichomba, magistrate Mwamfuli said the prosecution failed to link the accused to the commissioning of the crime.

Magistrate Mwamfuli set January 15th, 2021 for opening of defence.

The two accused were represented by Mulambo Haimbe of Malambo and Company.

The act is said to have been commissioned during the Kafue District Council chairmanship by-election last year.