LUSAKA Province PF chairman Paul Moonga says Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) should form a political party if he has balls big enough to challenge PF in 2021.

And Moonga says in 2021, PF will not allow any opposition leader to insult President Edgar Lungu, threatening to undress whoever dares so that they can “walk naked on Cairo Road”.

Meanwhile, Moonga says UPND MPs are using UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema like a condom to foster their stay in Parliament.

Commenting on Fube’s remarks that the PF would regret fielding President Lungu in 2021, Moonga said the “F” in “KBF” stood for foolish.

“Ba Fube na bena; KBF I think KBF stands for Kelvin Bwalya, I think F stands for foolish, Kelvin Bwalya Foolish. I think, young man, don’t talk about our party, that the party will regret. Iwe Kelvin Bwalya Foolish, just come back to the party and join us. He is a foolish boy. Kevin Blwaya Foolish is finished, because you have no customers in your law firm, you are hungry why should you be worried about PF? If you regret, just come back young man. Your name is KB Foolish, I don’t know the last name but I know it stands for foolish,” Moonga said.

“Just come back and join PF, the boat is big enough to take the fools. That is why we are called pa bwato. So Bwalya mwaiche (young man), let him come to pa bwato, the boat will carry the snakes, the dogs, all of them will be there. So come in the boat before you submerge in the water. He is not our member, we have enough materials in the PF and the Constitution of Zambia allows our President to stand for the second term, not third term. Foolish boys like Kelvin Bwalya, he is a lawyer who doesn’t understand what law is. So Fube can never make us look wrong or right, he is a fool that is why he is called KB Foolish.”

Moonga asked KBF to stop poking his nose in PF’s activities and instead form his own political party.

“He is foolish, he doesn’t belong to PF but he wants to poke his nose in a party he does not belong to. Let him join a party of his choice or let him form his own party if he has balls enough. If he has big balls to form a political party that can come into power, then go ahead,” he said.

“Why clinging like a tick? He is a tick. He is holding on to a dead opposition. If he is wise enough, we can still get him as our prodigal son of the Patriotic Front to join us. The Patriotic Front is a boat which can take everyone on board; prodigal children, bastards, minions, idiots, all those. Our job is to bring people who are foolish and make them wise, because when you are in the ruling party, you need to educate everybody. Come what may, President Lungu is our candidate this year, don’t mislead people in the disguise of being a lawyer. Even a dull lawyer can misled [people].”

And Moonga warned that he would not hesitate to unleash PF cadres on anyone who insulted President Lungu in 2021.

“This is 2021, all opposition leaders should stop attacking our President, we won’t beat you, we will undress and you will walk naked in Cairo Road. You will look like those bushmen in Kalahari Desert. I beg people of Zambia to be sober characters and use proper language in 2021. In 2021, I am not going to play around. I will respect everybody but nobody should cross my line. My warning is the position of President of Zambia is an institution, we have to respect and obey all of us. If you want to become President in future, you should now start respecting the one who is in office. You want to go for the same position you are insulting today, then you are a nuisance. We want people to give tangible solutions to the President, let us build that institution,” Moonga said.

Meanwhile Moonga said UPND MPs were using Hichilema like a condom to foster their stay in Parliament.

“I love my young brother HH, I feel bad for him that people are cheating on him. The Tonga MPs, bene Jack Mwiimbu, Cornelius Mweetwa and Gary Nkombo, all they want is to get gratuity. They know HH can’t win, they want to use him as a vessel to take them to Parliament. Like Mwiimbu, he is Leader of the Opposition [in Parliament], he has a V8, 2021 he wants to go back to Monze, he wins another V8, the boy has become wealthy out of money from Parliament. So he cheats on HH knowing very well that he won’t win elections, but him, he will benefit as a MP. HH will be used like a condom again in 2021. He won’t win, let him join us, we appoint you as Minister somewhere there. I am appealing to HH resign, join PF and stand as MP under PF and you will be appointed as Minister if at all you qualify,” said Moonga.