LUSAKA Central Member of Parliament Margaret Mwanakatwe says she is not scared of any competition within and outside the ruling party.

In an interview, Mwanakatwe said she was not afraid of ZANACO Board Chairperson Charity Lumpa who announced her intentions to contest her seat on the PF ticket.

“She has come on the PF ticket, I am the MP for Lusaka Central for PF. I am sure that there are others that are going to come who want to stand on the same ticket. Musiyeni (leave her), I am not afraid. How do you know I am not on the ground? Because she went to the United Church of Zambia yesterday (Monday)? You are assuming she is on the ground and I am not? Don’t assume anything. She can claim, don’t even worry about it,” said Mwanakatwe.

“Last time I had seven people against me going for the same seat. Uyu ni winangu chabe, bazabwela benangu (she is just one of them, others are yet to come) This is my seat. Lekani abwele, (let her come) let her have a chance, she is free and we won’t stop anyone. I am not afraid of any competition within and outside PF. She is just one of those people who will compete for this seat. Ine siniyopa muntu ali onse. Uyilembe bwino story iyi niyambe kumusiliza pamene apa (I am not afraid of anyone. Write this story well so that I finish her).”

But when contacted for a comment, Lumpa said ” I am rushing for a meeting and I am driving. Yes, I am aspiring. I haven’t been adopted so I am aspiring.”