HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says the ruling party keeps winning by-elections because people can see that President Edgar Lungu is working.

And Kampyongo says he wants to be remembered for the works he has done in his constituency.

Speaking when he delivered building materials for a 1×3 classroom block in Shiwang’andu’s Chibesakunda area, Tuesday, Kampyongo wondered how people could say they were going to win the general elections when they were constantly losing by-elections.

“I hear you turned out in numbers to register as voters. You should know that people have now started accepting President Lungu. Yesterday, (Monday) elections to vote for councilors were conducted and PF won in UPND’s perceived strongholds. We beat them in Western Province! People have now realized that it is true President Lungu is working for the people. Can you lose by- elections and say you will win the general elections? This is the government that is working for the people,” Kampyongo said.

And Kampyongo said he wanted to be remembered for his works in his constituency.

“I want to thank all of you here for the faith and unity you have. The schools that need to be worked on in this constituency are a lot. My coming here has to do with the work we started here. You have heard the leaders I have come with have talked about a school. For me to be here, I didn’t drop from somewhere, school is the one that has made me to be where I am today. This is why you see that I spearhead construction of schools because I know there are young people here that will take over from us. I have brought you the materials. I want this school to be completed before schools open. I always tell you that I want before I leave, you should be pointing to the work I have done. You people that use bicycles, how were you moving from here to go to Matumbo area, what was it like? The way that it is raining with the road that was here before, how did you used to move? Always remember that Rome was not built in one day,” he said.

“See the things we are doing for you. We built a police and houses that were not there. We are also building a secondary school, we also have a clinic which has an ambulance in case you are sick and you need to be referred to the bigger hospital. Even when people are coming here to lie to you, ask them; we have all this, are you going to bring us a plane? The late president Michael Sata taught us politics of actions and not words. That is why I always fulfill what I promise you, where I fail, I am supposed to come and report back to you. And for those people that have been left out of the social cash program, we will see how we can include you on the list.”

Kampyongo, who is also Shiwangandu PF member of parliament, said government had put more money in people’s pockets.

“The councilors here should identify people who are vulnerable to qualify for this programme. Just be patient. The elderly here have you ever seen a government that gives money for free without you doing any work? It is because of the leadership of PF under Sata and President Lungu has followed suit to care for people. This government of PF looks out for the needs of the people. When we said more money in your pockets, it looked impossible. We have put money even to those that don’t expect that they can have money,” said Kampyongo.