PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has urged Copperbelt University students to mask up because people are dying like house flies that have been fumigated with an insect killer.

And President Lungu says he has seen a dangerous trend which is creeping into the country and growing at a very fast rate where churches have become political.

Speaking when he met CBU students, Saturday, President Lungu said people were dying like house flies owing to the new COVID-19 strand.

“First guys namukwata ama masks? Covid nayisa (do you have masks? Covid-19 has come). Let us not underrate this new strain of the Covid-19 which has come with the second wave. People are dying like house flies which have been fumigated with some insect killer, I don’t know which type,” President Lungu said.

“So people are dropping dead; you suffer in the evening, the following morning you are pronounced dead and buried. So please, let us take the challenge of Covid-19 seriously. Let us mask up, let us create social distance, let’s also sanitize our hands as much as possible. If you are not feeling well, quickly seek medical help. I came here to meet the SDA. They had a church programme but it would be unwise to go without saying how are you.”

He promised to buy CBU students a school bus.

“I have taken note of the sentiments you have raised on meal allowances for first and second year students, accommodation. Of all these, the longest hanging is the school bus. I think I will get you a school bus as soon as possible. The rest of the matter obviously involves a lot more with the line Ministry. The bus will come from State House twalakongola because tulakongola (we will borrow because we have borrowed before). The issue of accommodation is the long outstanding one. I am sure the ministry responsible will look into it. I know because I was also a student. When I was a student, we were two students per room but now I understand katwishi nga ni banga (I don’t know how many you are). So we want to take Zambia back where it was in the days of Kaunda lilya twalelya (when we used to eat) breakfast, lunch and supper. Twalafika (we will get there) as long as we get there. So issue ya meal allowance ningumfwa Kasonde wisakamana sana yala isa (the meal allowance issue, I have heard so [COBUSU president Lawrence] Kasonde, don’t worry).”

And speaking at the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Riverside Congregation where he attended the launch of the Northern Zambia Union Conference Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2025, earlier, President Lungu commended SDA of staying away from politics.

“Like the pastor has said, I came to listen to the word of God and he only requested that I greet you and I am greeting you in the name of the Lord. But because I have been overwhelmed by the response I have received, allow me to just make one remark. Please SDA, continue on your path of worshipping the Lord devoid of politics. Continue worshiping the Lord without involving yourselves in politics. I am saying this because I have seen a trend, a dangerous one which is creeping into our country and growing at a very fast rate where churches have become political. I am proud to say that the SDA has remained clean and clear away from political parties and I think that is the way it should be,” said President Lungu.

“Whereas you have given us some politicians who are campaigning and praying with you, when they come to politics, they are just politicians. I have got a number of them. I know (Ronald) Chitotela is one of them and many others but when they come to do politics, they don’t tell us I am Adventist but other churches are a problem. I think that continue praying so that we all learn from you otherwise we risk plunging this country into chaos. May God continue blessing you, may you continue being the example of what a church is.”