MUNALI PF member of parliament Professor Nkandu Luo says aspiring candidates in Munali Constituency can campaign as much as they want while she is busy working.

Recently, PF member of the National Mobilization Committee Bizwell Mutale announced that he planned to stand on the PF ticket in Munali this August.

Commenting on this in a brief interview, Prof Luo, who is also Livestock and Fisheries Minister, wondered why she should be intimidated by aspirants.

“They can aspire as much as they want to, me I am busy working. What is wrong with that? Why should I be intimidated? What do you want me to do? I will not get involved in those discussions. You will hear my plans at an appropriate time,” said Prof Nkandu.

And in a separate interview, Mutale said the party would decide which candidate to go with.

“I am standing in my party. [If she plans to recontest], that is not my problem, the party decides who they want and the people decide I am not going to say I should be adopted. My job is to do what I have to do and the party does what it wants to do. I have not spoken to my colleague (Prof Luo) that is not my job to do that,” said Mutale, who has since embarked on a mobilisation exercise.