THE family of the late senior public prosecutor, Nsama Nsama, has written to Lusaka Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale requesting for an inquest to be held in respect of his death.

In a letter dated January 22, 2021, addressed to the Chief Resident Magistrate at Lusaka Magistrate Court Complex, the family of late Nsama stated, through their lawyers from Mulenga and Wallace Advocates, that the deceased’s death was unnatural.

“We wish to confirm that we have been retained by the family of the late Nsama Nsama (hereafter referred to as our client) represented by Mr Chaste Nsama and Mr Katele Nsama the co-administrators of the estate of Nsama Nsama. Therefore, kindly note our professional interest herein. We have been instructed by our client that on or about December 23, 2020 Mr Nsama Nsama died of a suspected gun shot, near the National Prosecution Authority premises along Independence Avenue in Lusaka. His death was unnatural,” stated Mulenga and Wallace Advocates.

“In view of the foregoing, we are under strict instructions to demand, which we now do, for an inquest to be held on the death of Mr Nsama Nsama. Our demand for an inquest is premised on among other legal provisions, Sections 3, 4 and 8 of the Inquests Act, Chapter 36, Volume 4, of the Laws of Zambia. We believe our application is in order and that you will expeditiously cause an inquest to be held on the unnatural death of Mr Nsama Nsama.”

Public prosecutor Nsama Nsama and UPND sympathiser Joseph Kaunda were shot dead near Cabinet office on December 23, last year.