HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo says government is not happy that some police officers continue to be involved in extra judicial killings.

Speaking on Diamond TV’s Weekend Marathon programme, Saturday, Kampyongo said government was not pleased to hear that police officers were involved in “some of these cases”.

“In the case of Frank Mugala, we worked very well with the Human Rights Commission who also did their independent work and they submitted their report to the Ministry of Home Affairs. The report has been studied and further action has also commenced on that. We work with different institutions in these matters. It is just unfortunate that people want to politicize the cases as it suits them. The case of the university student as you recall, there was an inquest that was held and members of the public were following the revelations in that inquest. All that was done to be transparent,” Kampyongo said.

“So it is not that the government has been sitting back on some of these cases. I also want to assure you that in the past, there ware cases that have occurred like this and involving our own men and women in uniform, we don’t feel good, it doesn’t please us to hear our men and women sometimes get caught up in one of these issues, which you can imagine a person who was working as a law enforcer ending up in prison. It doesn’t please us at all, but there is no one who is above the law. Those that have been found wanting, as I speak to you, are behind the walls of the correctional facilities. So, it shows you that the police can investigate themselves.”

When asked if the suspects who killed Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda were arrested, Kampyongo said the country would be updated soon.

“I will give you an update on that one very soon. We have to be cautious as much as this matter is of public interest. The nation must be assured that very soon we will keep updating them. Much more work is left to the guidance that will come from the DPP, after that I will give another update on the matter. As much as there is so much public interest, we have to be mindful that what the two families, Nsama Nsama’s family and Kaunda’s family are waiting for is justice to be done in this matter. It’s not through public debate that we can settle this matter, we have institutions that are there to deal with these matters, the courts of law. The DPP is the competent authority to decide on what should be done in terms of going forward,” said Kampyongo.

“The other victim is one of the members from that very important institution and you can understand that apart from being the professional institution, they are equally interested to see that justice is done in the case of their former member of staff. For now all I can say [is] let us be patient and wait, because we don’t have to be seen to be exerting pressure on the DPP. She must be left to make independent decisions. For those who have been saying why should the President hand over the report to the DPP, that is the only competent authority. The justice system is structured with institutions, you have to go through the processes that are set out. So it is important that we respect these institutions.”