UPND Chairperson for Mobilization and Strategy Sylvia Masebo says she can never go back to the Patriotic Front because Zambians are looking for change.

Recently, PF secretary general Davies Mwila called on all former members to return to the ruling party

But in an interview, Masebo said Zambian had become worse under President Edgar Lungu’s watch.

“I can’t even think about that! In fact, I have been rooting for all those PF members, I have been thinking that why can’t they come to the people’s side at this hour, especially that Parliament will be dissolving, those that see that things are not good in PF. The truth of the matter is that Zambia has become worse than under Rupiah Banda, under Kenneth Kaunda, under Levy Mwanawasa even under Michael Sata. And any normal person and any person who is being truthful in their own heart knows that going back to PF, to go and support Lungu for another five term, they are not being honest. I think this time around Zambians are looking for change,” Masebo said.

“Those in the PF, if they are true in their spirits, they know that things are not okay for Zambians. Zambians are worse off today under the PF of Lungu than they have been under any PF leader and any other political leader in the past. So to start saying in this eleventh hour that ‘no come back to PF’ If it is about getting a job in PF that is the only reason I can go back to PF, not to serve Zambians I will be lying and I don’t think I can do such a thing! I can never! Even me as an individual I am looking for change and the change I am looking for is the change that will create a better Zambia for all.”

She said she was looking forward to the country being united under opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema’s reign.

“We must have a better government in August. A government that will create employment for the youths who are languishing, a government that will treat Zambians as equal, they will not look at your tribe, your age and not look at where you are coming from, they will look at you as Zambian and that they have been elected to serve all Zambians. I am looking forward to a Zambia that is going to emerge united after this election. And for me I am looking for Hakainde Hichilema to unite Zambia. I am looking forward to a government that will destroy the corruption that has engulfed our nation,” said Masebo.

“I am not looking forward to a government that will start witch-hunting, or fixing people after the elections, no. Come August, Zambia will be different. And even for you the press, you will have press freedom. This cannot be the time to talk about going back. Let us be serious as a nation sure. If as Zambians, that is the level we have gotten to, that it should be about who looks like is going to win and people should jump into it, just because of winning an election… I have never been that type of person, I charge parties for a cause. You must wait for HH to win and see if HH is going to act like Lungu, I will not be part of that government when he becomes president. Now when he is in opposition I will fight with him win or lose. I don’t even think about PF.”