PF LUSAKA Province chairman says Matero PF member of parliament Lloyd Kaziya is an ungrateful and bitter person who does not deserve to be a parliamentarian.

Commenting on Kaziya’s revelation that he was receiving police protection because some PF cadres planned to attack him, Moonga rebuffed the assertion, saying no one in the ruling party wanted to attack him because it would be like “buying a gun for a mosquito.”

“I don’t understand my young brother Kaziya anymore. Kaziya has isolated himself from the party and kept quiet. Nobody in PF can attack Kaziya; Kaziya has totally isolated himself from the councilors, the party structures and we have left him like that. I look at him as my young brother. It’s like when he lost the (Water Development) Ministry, he lost everything! The time he lost the Ministerial position, it’s like everybody fired him! You are hired and fired by one person, the President as he deems fit, the reasons are not given. So, the time Kaziya lost the Ministerial position, he became so bitter and the bitterness can eat him alone, not with the party,” Moonga argued in an interview.

“I have never seen Kaziya visiting the constituency in Matero. I stay in the same constituency myself. We can’t force him to work if he doesn’t want to work. So, Kaziya, no one wants to attack him, maybe it is him who is planning to attack. Attack Kaziya for what? It’s like buying a gun for a mosquito! Maybe it is him who is organising people to attack constituency offices in Matero. It is very unfortunate that he says, ‘PF members want to attack him.’ I don’t think he knows what he is doing. So, my statement to the young man: let him make amends. If you were to ask Kaziya what have we done wrong with Kaziya? Nothing. The young man is ungrateful.”

Moonga charged that Kaziya did not deserve to be a member of parliament because he had failed to work with Matero constituents.

“So, in brief, the young man does not know what he is doing, and as such, we forgive him because he does not know what he is doing. He is ignorant! Totally ignorant of what he is doing in politics. I don’t know what the people of Matero think, for myself, I don’t think I can support him as an MP, as an individual. He is a wrong character, he does not deserve to be a parliamentarian because he doesn’t want to work for his people. As the supervisor of the province, I would be the last person to say, ‘Kaziya, support him’ by the central committee, I must be stupid to support Kaziya. He is a failed project!” charged Moonga.

“We had a funeral in Matero, he didn’t show up. We have lost a number of people and Kaziya was nowhere to be seen. Kaziya had a record at one time, the mother and him could not see eye to eye, his own mother! Now, today, he is accusing party members? Let him take total introspection before he can start pointing fingers at people that they want to attack him. What about family members? Not even his wife can vote for him! I tell you, if he can go to another party and not even his wife can follow him. Not even his mother can give a vote. Kaziya won because of PF. The man is finished! If Kaziya wants to finish himself more, let him leave PF!”