THE Electoral Commission of Zambia says it is waiting for Airtel to conclude configurations so that users can finally access the *214# USSD code to verify their voter details.

Voter verification began on Sunday. However, Airtel users have been unable to access the ECZ portal due to some technical faults.

In a brief interview, ECZ chief electoral officer Patrick Nshindano said the Airtel system was still being configured.

When asked if the electronic inspection had been launched, Nshindano responded in the affirmative.

“Yes it has, with the exception of Airtel. It’s still being configured to our system. No [challenges] on our end, we are waiting for Airtel to conclude their configurations,” said Nshindano.

And in a separate interview, ECZ Corporate Affairs Manager Patricia Luhanga said the Commission was working in partnership with Airtel to ensure that the code could be accessible by close of business today.

“We are working with close of business tomorrow [today] as a deadline. And just to emphasize that the Commission is working in partnership with Airtel to enable the USSD, they are an important stakeholder who is helping or enabling the process. We have provided for 90 days and still have physical inspection coming. We are on day 87, it will be premature to discuss extension at the moment. The Commission will be monitoring the process and equally provide updates as we progress,” said Luhanga.