UPND Chilanga District youth chairman Sipho Hlazo says Chilanga PF member of parliament Maria Langa should be ashamed for lying to Zambians that she had done a lot for her constituents when she has only brought trouble to the area.

In a statement issued to News Diggers!, Hlazo expressed disappointment that Langa had made too many empty promises, but failed to deliver to the expectation of constituents.

“Maria Langa should be ashamed of herself for lying to the public that she has done a lot for residents of Chilanga. We, as Chilanga residents, challenge her to tell us what she has done for Chilanga. Langa has made too many empty promises! Where is the Disneyland she promised to bring to Chilanga? Where is the university she promised to bring to Chilanga? She promised a trades school in Namalombwe Ward, where is it? Who are the beneficiaries of the fish farming project? These are just a few of the fake promises she has made,” stated Hlazo.

“A few days ago, we saw two videos circulating on social media of her dishing out money to people in Chilanga. How can a normal leader behave in such a manner instead of empowering people? That K100 she was dishing out can’t even buy a bag of mealie meal. She must not think people of Chilanga are blind. It’s good that Maria Langa will be re-contesting the Chilanga seat because it will be the easiest seat for the UPND to win. People of Chilanga deserve serious leaders that will bring development and sanity. The only thing Maria Langa has brought to Chilanga is trouble and lies. And come August elections, and we are running her out of town!”

Last week, Langa announced that she was re-contesting her seat because she had done a lot for her constituents.

Back in 2018, prior to her election, Langa had pledged that she would reclaim Munda Wanga as a tourist capital by partnering with Disney World in America once elected into office.

However, since then, Munda Wanga remains vulnerable to frequent breaches of its perimeter fence, with two lions having recently escaped the botanical garden before being recaptured and put down.