MANSA Central aspiring PF member of parliament Stella Mbewe says former health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya should not re-contest the seat because of the irregularities he is engulfed in.

In an interview, Mbewe asked Dr Chilufya to step aside and leave the stage while Mansa residents are still “clapping for him.”

“Well, hospitals and clinics he has brought them in. As far as he brought those things, why was he fired? If I was him, I would leave the stage whilst people are clapping. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is not a mad man, why hasn’t he fired all these other ministers? It is because there is something wrong that he did. There are a lot of things that are surrounding him. Right now, the Anti-Corruption Commission is pursuing his former permanent secretary Kakulubelwa Mulalelo and there are a lot of irregularities with the COVID-19 (fund management). So, if I was him, in his right mind, I will seek the face of God, he has a bright future. There is more than Mansa Central,” said Mbewe.

“I am a young and vibrant woman and I am going to take Mansa Central in his eyes! I know that I don’t have the money that he has, but I have got a strategy and the wisdom of God. Even if the President has not given a reason, from the time he was fired, the time that Dr Jonas Chanda came in, there has been a lot of cleansing in that Ministry. We are seeing this issue of Honeybee, there were expired condoms .I have been in Mansa Central for some time now. I was here in October and November during the voter registration and it was raining heavily. I did not have transport, I was moving with my people from door to door and then someone comes and talks c**p about me after I wasted my money, energy and resources? I will not give up that seat! Even if I am not adopted by PF, I am not going to leave PF. But mark my words, I will be adopted.”