KELVIN Bwalya Fube (KBF) should not have to threaten to reveal whatever secrets he claims to have over the PF because he is free to disclose anything he wants now, says Kabwe Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube.

Meanwhile, PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says she can no longer respond to KBF because whatever he says is none of the party’s business.

On Saturday, KBF warned that he will seek the court’s intervention to reveal what he knows if the party stopped him from participating at the elective conference.

But in an interview, Ngulube dared KBF to commence the legal action against the PF, saying anything he attempted to do would be inconsequential because the latter remained an expelled member of the ruling party.

“KBF is not a member of the PF because he was expelled and he never challenged his expulsion. He never appealed against the decision and he never went to court. So, this is a closed chapter. And number two; his claims that he will stand do not make sense because only a member who is in good standing with the party can be allowed to stand. Number three; KBF claims that he will reveal secrets only through courts does not make sense because why would he wait to be stopped for him to go to court? It means he is not coming with clean hands because is he telling the people of Zambia that, ‘if he stands, then he will remain with the dirty secrets that he has?’ But if he is not allowed to stand, then he will come out and go to court? It means he has no integrity because only a man without integrity can say such. Speaking as a very senior member of the PF, I challenge KBF to go to court now and start revealing all those secrets of his because he won’t be allowed to stand because one, he is not a member of the PF; number two, he does not qualify to stand as president of the party; number three, he does not even qualify to stand for any position in the PF because only a full member of the party can qualify. He is only frustrated because we can give him avenues to tell us his secrets because even the court action he is threatening to take cannot amount to anything,” Ngulube said.

“And talking about the elective conference, the PF has got a constitution, we want to refer him to the PF constitution and we also want to refer him to the electoral college of the PF. How do people go to the convention, do you just stand up and say, ‘I am a PF member so I must stand up and go to the convention?’ The constitution has described which kind of people will be allowed to go and attend the convention. It’s not every Jim and Jack that can attend. So, if he does not belong to any party structures, he cannot attend. He will not be attending because he is not eligible to attend. He should either hold a position of the party structure at district-level or provincial-level, or he must be a member of parliament. That’s it. So, if you are not an MP, you don’t hold any position in the party, even if you are a PF member, you cannot come to the convention. That’s a closed door, he can knock and knock, but no one will open. He must change the constitution if he has the powers to do so. If he is so popular, he can beat the President of Zambia, from the time he was expelled twelve months ago, why hasn’t he formed his own party?”

He said that KBF was only trying to seek an avenue to vent his frustration because he knew the party’s preferred candidate remained President Lungu.

“His friend (Chishimba) Kambwili was brave enough to form his own party. His friend ‘Bobi Wine’ in Uganda formed his own party and in three months, he had 51 per cent of members of parliament. That’s how brave men behave in politics. Next year, the party will be renewing positions; he can stand at district-level and have a chance to challenge those standing at a convention. Otherwise, he is an outsider; he is as good as a Japanese talking about the PF! He has no impact and his words are all empty. We are patiently waiting to divulge any secrets, all those secrets, the people are waiting to hear what he has to say. He wants to scare people, but has no ways of doing so. He should not say, ‘I will go to the courts and tell them what I have…’ What secrets does KBF have? It’s like telling a woman, ‘I want you to marry me because if you don’t, I will tell the people all the secrets I have about you!’ That’s an empty threat,” Ngulube added.

“If KBF was as intelligent as we all thought, he would have found a better threat than that. He should have been saying something like, ‘if you don’t allow me to stand, I will block the president from standing.’ Even in the PF, KBF should not come out like he is a messiah because he has not helped the PF in anything. And he likes talking about how he went to the convention, everyone knows it’s me who handled that (2014) convention. I am the one who finished the wrangles that were there between different presidential candidates when President Lungu was elected in 2014. And yes, we have endorsed President Lungu, but you can contest against him only if you are a party member.”

Meanwhile, Phiri said that she no longer responds to KBF because he is no longer their party member.

“And you expect me to respond to somebody who is not our member? I don’t care what he says! I can’t respond to him. He is not my member so that is none of our business. He can do whatever he wants, but the bottom line is: he is not our member and whatever he thinks of saying is none of our business,” said Phiri in a separate interview.