ROAN NDC member of parliament Joseph Chishala has called fellow NDC members to apply to stand on the UPND Alliance in the upcoming general elections.

In an interview Chishala who is the only member of parliament representing the National Democratic Congress said the party was in an alliance and that no candidate was going to contest on the NDC ticket.

“NDC is in an alliance and I don’t think they will be an NDC candidate who is going to contest on NDC ticket. This time around we are contesting on the Alliance ticket which is the UPND Alliance. So everyone, whoever wants to contest on NDC is high time that they apply quickly through the secretariat, so that they can be adopted and contest on the Alliance ticket. All those wrangles in politics you expect such to happen but the fact of the matter is that we are in an alliance as NDC. Generally in Copperbelt even in the whole Zambia, they don’t want PF, that is the general view that we have gathered. It’s like people don’t want PF because of the way it has treated its citizens,” Chishala said.

He added that the continued donations being carried out by the PF on the Copperbelt were an indication that the party was finished.

“The continued donations on the Copperbelt are a sign of being finished. when you are finished you start using money, you think you can buy people? No one can be bought using cash to vote for PF. If you remember the Roan formula, the Roan formula we used to call it PF pakulila, in the sense that people have now realised that these people have stolen so much money, and become so wealthy and have impoverished the Zambians. Later on the same money they have stolen from the Zambians, they bring it back through donations as if they mean well and yet they are the ones who have created hunger and poverty in this country. People now have opened their eyes and they are able to see that this is our money. It is the money they have stolen from us and they are just bringing back to us in the form of donations so we chew it but we won’t vote for them, we will teach them a lesson. That is the formula the Copperbelt is using, let them bring the money, we will receive it. Let them bring all the donations they have, we will receive them because this is our money, but at the end during voting we are going to teach them a lesson,” Chishala said.

He further said he was not intimidated by the declaration by Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda that he would contest the Roan seat on the PF ticket because the PF stood no chance of winning the seat.

“I cannot be intimidated by Nathan Chanda, that declaration that he is recontesting as an MP on the PF ticket is most welcome. I can not be intimidated by that because PF is finished. I don’t think they can be any person in this country who can vote for PF. PF has messed up this economy, they have messed up the Zambians, so I don’t know how he will push through on that ticket. Unless he contests on the other ticket not on PF. Otherwise, as long as he contests on PF that’s a done deal, I won’t be intimidated,” said Chishala.