LUSAKA Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says President Edgar Lungu should be Head of State beyond 2026.

But Lusambo says personally, he will not go beyond 2026 as Kabushi member of parliament if he is reelected this August.

Speaking to Kabushi residents, Friday, Lusambo said it was impossible for President Lungu to lose the upcoming general elections.

“We only have one President Edagr Chagwa Lungu. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has sent me to say the market that was burned will be constructed. He has sent me that the roads that you were complaining [about], the contractor is at Lubuto. The President has sent me to say women are getting empowerment. President Edgar Lungu is a President who wants to work with everyone, he is a President who has the heart of the people. Here in Kabushi, it is the bedroom of Edgar Chagwa Lungu. So, all those who have gone, that me I have gone to a ka party, you tell them that Edhar Chagwa Lungu beyond 2026. Edgar Chagwa Lungu beyond 2026!” Lusambo exclaimed.

“So if you think something is going to happen in 2021, can Edgar lose here? Everyone here is for him. Let Edgar lead. Edgar back to State House. The party under President Lungu is sweet. Everyone here is a campaign manager for Edgar Chagwa Lungu. 2021 is pabwato. Here we want all eight councilors all on pabwato (on the boat), MP pabwato, President pabwato. That is what we want in the whole of Copperbelt, all the 22 MPs they should be from PF. Us we can boast that President Lungu is working, our President is not like my friend from New Kasama Hakainde [Hichilema]. Uyu umwaice [this youngster] Hakainde who found me in politics, we want to tell him that rest.”

And speaking when he filed his application to re-contest the Kabushi seat, Lusambo said he would not go beyond 2026.

“We are here to stay, that is why you have started seeing the structures of the party coming up in the province. For me as the incumbent member of parliament of Kabushi Constituency, I am here, district chairman, to tender my application for Kabushi Constituency in 2021 general elections. The reason why I have decided to continue and to ask this district executive is to continue on the good path which his Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has taken. The path of developing this country not only in Kabushi but the entire nation. We want to make sure that we uplift the living standards of our people, we want to make sure we create more jobs for our youths by opening up other sectors like agriculture. By also identifying untapped areas in mining here on the Copperbelt Province. Copperbelt Province is rich. I can assure you that working with His Excellency President Lungu and the entire Patriotic Front Party I can assure you that Copperbelt will never be the same again. So I am asking the people of Kabushi so that we can extend our stay in Kabushi,” said Lusambo.

“Come 2021, chairman, this is the last term for me in Kabushi Constituency, I don’t intend to stay in Kabushi Constituency beyond 2026. Because as a politician I have been growing from supporting our parents, our brothers, our sisters, today I am the member of parliament of Kabushi Constituency. In my political life, I intend to grow and I don’t want to be a member of parliament until God pulls me from this earth. I also want to progress in my political life. I want to become a district chairman so that others can also be members of parliament for Kabushi. So beyond 2026, district chairman, we are going to look for another member of parliament for Kabushi Constituency. My term, if you allow me, ends in 2026 as member of parliament for the constituency. Beyond 202,6 I want to pursue other things within the political fraternity. I also want to be a national youth chairman to work with my young people.”