THOSE of you who want to stand in the coming elections must respect the people wish, if they don’t want you then it’s not your time, says President Edgar Lungu.

And President Lungu says he will begin the process of handing over power after his “tour of duty” comes to an end in 2026.

Meanwhile, the President says Zambians will vote for him because he is humble.

Speaking when he filed his party nomination at the secretariat, Wednesday, President Lungu noted that people would only be voted for if they proved their worth to their followers.

“My message to all those who want to provide leadership in Zambia between 2021 and 2026 is that please remember the people who put us in power. When people say ‘no, they don’t want you’ it is not your time, just wait. The people of Chawama, in 2001 when I stood as a candidate, rejected me; they opted for somebody. I kept my time, I waited. In 2006 I did not stand in PF, but I kept my faith and remained PF. 2011 I became member of parliament for Chawama the rest is history. So those of you who are supporting PF now, know that there is time for everything, a time for you too is coming. But as long as you prove yourself as a worthy leader to the people,” said President Lungu.

“Twalavota, bakatuvotela pantu ndaichefya. Pakubomba muleichefya so that contract nga yapwa ulefwaya contract ya new bakubwekeshapo. So those of you we are working with in PF, nga uleikusha ukashala. (We will vote, people will vote for us because I humble myself. When working, humble yourselves so that when you want to renew your contract, you will be re-elected. Those of you whom we are working with in PF, if you exalt yourself, you will remain behind). I want to make it clear that no one will be left behind but only if you are relevant. If you are irrelevant you will remain behind. Edgar Lungu and his team will begin handing over because their tour of duty will be coming to an end in 2026. So we want to see exemplary leaders who will follow the cue of respecting the followers. Balya abaleikusha tabakapite, balya abale ichefya ukubombela abantu bakapita (those who exalt themselves will not be elected and those who humble themselves and work for the people will be elected.”

And speaking earlier when he received President Lungu’s nomination, PF secretary general Davies Mwila said President Lungu had all the required documents.

“Your Excellency, we are going to look at all things today for us to comply with our party constitution and the electoral guidelines. One; I will look at a letter of application to my office. Two; the last Central Committee we resolved that nomination fee shall be K10,000 and I will look for that K10,000. Three; Whoever will win as party president will be the presidential candidate and I need a grade 12 certificate or equivalent, form five GCE. Four; I am going to look at the list of supporters from each province; 20 by 10 provinces. The fifth one, date of submitting the letter of application,” Mwila said before later declared Lungu eligible as PF presidential candidate.

“I Davies Mwila, secretary general of the party, I have gone through all the documents, I have verified. The candidate has paid K10,000, and I have given him the receipt. He has a grade 12. I have the application letter signed by me and the document for the supporters. At this juncture, I want to inform the nation and the audience here that the President of the party Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has complied with article 52.”