VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina says she does not see any reason why government should not support the Church with the COVID-19 empowerment response fund, if funds are available.

And Vice-President Wina says the opposition UPND is not interested in seeing development in the country because they oppose every decision made by government.

Speaking when she met religious leaders in Kasempa District, North-Western Province on Sunday, Vice-President Wina said although government was condemned over the COVID-19 empowerment response fund, she didn’t see any reason why they should not assist the church if funds were available.

“You are a very critical stakeholder in seeing that Zambia maintains peace, peace becomes a way of life for our country. We hope and believe that in the coming elections that your voices will be heard and your voices will be appreciated. You have a lot of influence over our people, make them understand that when strife beseeches the country, we will not have the privilege of even going to church to pray. So, we have noted the requests made, I will share this information with the Head of State in Lusaka. Although we were condemned by some leaders in the church that we should not support the churches with the COVID-19 empowerment response funds. But I think if the funds are available, I don’t see any reason why we cannot share in the responsibility of taking care of God’s children,” she said.

And speaking to party members in Kasempa, Vice-President Wina said the UPND rejected Bill 10 which when enacted, was going to ensure delimitation of constituencies.

She added that the opposition UPND was not interested in seeing development in the country because they oppose every decision made by government.

“I was representing Nalolo Constituency in Parliament some years back and I had only 10 wards, I thought it was a lot of work. But for one member of parliament to take care of 24 wards is a mammoth task. That is why the PF government took to Parliament an amendment bill which we called Bill 10, so that big constituencies like Kasempa can be cut into half, so that we can have two members of parliament. Unfortunately, UPND said ‘no, we are not interested’. These are the challenges we face as government that the opposition is not interested in seeing development happening in our country. They would rather oppose whatever government does whether it is good or not. That is why as PF we have to continue in government after August 12. That is an assignment I am giving to you. The party cannot function without your support. You are PF, you are the people who made us. Some of you have come a long way with the party. You have held this party together,” Vice-President Wina said.

She further urged the party members in the district to work together.

“So, I heard the requests made by the district chairman to the party in Lusaka. When the day is declared of elections, the start of the campaigns, support will come to your structures. I already feel the spirit of PF prevailing in Kasempa. The most important thing is that you work together as a team. These four aspiring candidates should not divide the structures. Those that would not be picked, the boat is big, the house big. There will be other opportunities. Oftentimes we have chosen people recommended by our structures, sometimes we find that the structures may be bias.You know that we need to achieve 50 plus one which means every vote counts,” said Vice-President Wina.